Holiday Shipping Dates...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh thank you, thank you for your kind comments on my last post. It can be a hard one to talk about can't it? The fact that our lives are not all perfect and that being someone's mama is really really hard, but in the best kind of way? It's amazing and it's hard all at the same time. Words can't really describe it (and I can't find those darn words today anyway. I asked David where they lived and he turned to me and said 'That's a good question...". He has a PhD in words - I kinda feel like he is one of those magical people who should know where they live...).

So, er, moving on - today I was actually just popping in to let you know that if you think you might be wanting a paper Bronte Top Pattern in time for Christmas, I would recommend placing your orders by the end of November (that's in less than a week - WHAT?!?).

Patterns are shipped to you via Airmail which takes approximately 3-10 days to arrive at your door (according to the post shop). However, I personally would take that time frame with a grain of salt, especially around this time of year, so allowing more time is probably better. If you'd like a faster shipping option though, please feel free to email me for a quote -

Oh, and I finally gave in and am now on Facebook, in case you're interested :)

Talk soon,


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2 comments on "Holiday Shipping Dates..."
  1. Eep, just placed my order, which I've been wanting to do for weeks -- I looked through the sew along and it's going to be my official introduction to sewing with knits!! I've just acquired an overlocker but barely understand it so it's good that I have the option to sew the Bronte top without, haha!

    I'm so excited, but sorry to add to your holiday shipping chaos! Best wishes!

    1. No worries Kira!! It's been packed up and will be sent off to you this afternoon :) I'm pretty sure it'll be with you well before Christmas - fingers crossed :)

      Please feel free to sing out if you have any other questions about sewing with knits, I'm so happy you chose the Bronte Top as your first project!



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