The Dandelion PJ's...

Friday, July 24, 2015

These wee pj pants, along with my Maternity Bronte top, were the last things I managed to stitch up before Oscar was born - and thank goodness for that since I've literally spent the majority of the last 9 weeks in pj's. 

I figure if I'm not leaving the house that day, since I'm spending most of the time either breast feeding or catching up on sleep, getting dressed in anything but pj pants is a waste of any precious spare time. Add to that the fact that one of my RTW pairs has officially bit the dust (think big ol' hole in your pj butt - does that mean I spend too long sitting down?) means that these cute jammies were a good investment in pre-Oscar sewing time and they've been getting a tonne of wear ever since.

They are technically a wearable muslin since I drafted them up really quickly and then cut straight into my fabric. Normally I'd do a bunch of testing before cutting into my actual fabric, but at the time, I just wanted a new pair of pj bottoms and since I was quite pregnant, any time spent fitting them to me would have been a bit of a waste considering my shape was vastly different to what it is without a baby. Plus, I was at that stage where I just had to sew when I had the energy, otherwise I'd end up doing nothing.

For a quick draft, I think they're pretty spot on. I really liked the fit around the back when I was pregnant and knew that if I hadn't had to wear them so low at the front due to my bump, they would probably fit nicely there as well since they looked similar to how my RTW pairs looked at that stage. Now that I am post bump, I'm happy to report that they look pretty good at the front now too :)

I did end up having to stitch an extra wedge onto the top of the waist band, mainly at the back because I hadn't made them quite big enough there, but the fabric is forgiving with it's print and since it's gathered with elastic, I don't really notice it much at all. 

They are made from a lovely soft flannel fabric, and while I did pre-wash it, it's not at that buttery soft stage flannel pj's tend to get after a little bit of wearing and washing in, but they will hopefully only get better as time goes on.

I have some more fun flannel with little bunnies on it that I'm going to make another pair from now that the bump has gone and I can see that there are no major fit issues to get around. I added piping to the bottoms using this tutorial I posted an age ago and will do the same with the next lot. I'm also thinking I might pop in a faux fly-front, just because I can and possibly pockets. Pockets on everything!

Right, off to snuggle my baby in my snuggly pj pants on this cold blustery winter day. Hope you're staying warm (or cool if you're basking in some summer time warmth!).

7 comments on "The Dandelion PJ's..."
  1. Firstly, congratulations! And a great bit of pj pre-planning! I absolutely love that dandelion fabric you chose.

    1. Thank you!! I kinda had no idea they'd be so useful, a definite recommendation for pre-baby sewing in my book :)

  2. Lovely. I really love the dandelion print. Congratulations, and I hope all is going well with the little one. I know sometimes it seems like the days stuck to the couch are endless, particularly in winter, but you'll be onto the next stage soon enough. Sometimes I miss those days... :)

    1. Hehe, I feel like I'm constantly stuck on the couch and I do crave going outside into the gorgeous winter sunshine when it's out, but I know I'll miss it when it stops, so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can :)

  3. Gorgeous pjs! There is nothing better than a brand new pair of pjs. I hope the mum life is treating you well xx

    1. Breast feeding has been hard, but generally we're doing well, thanks Kat!! I hope life with your little family is going well too :)

  4. These are so pretty! Having just made pajamas, I can testify that it's so nice to have a fresh new pair! I love the print you chose! Hope you and Oscar are well!


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