Me Made Maternity - Week 30: Missing! One Brain. Reward offered for its safe return.

Monday, March 23, 2015
Last week was a funny old week. With 10 weeks to go, my brain has officially upped and left the building. With no notice.

It was definitely a comedy of errors where any sewing was involved - stitching things upside down, back to front, wrong sides together. It was so bad that all I could so was shake my head, have a little chuckle and wonder what on earth I'd do next.

I was making a simple gathered curtain for the wardrobe we built into our bedroom, carefully measuring and working out all of my seam allowances. I found a lovely fabric in my stash and proceeded to cut it out and sew it up. As we were hanging it, I was telling David about how I had made it quite long, so it would nearly touch the floor. Then, we stood back -

Me: "Erm, that doesn't look right... "
David: "Hmmmm..."
Me: "It's about 40cm too short!!! But....I measured and everything!"

Turns out that yes I did indeed measure, and then instead of using the panel that was measured and cut for the curtain, I used the smaller left over bit... Oh dear.

It works for now though. I'll change it later (maybe...).

I've also had to start taking extra iron supplements because my levels are on a downward curve. And can I just say, having less iron makes it really quite hard to do a lot of the simple things you take for granted, like walking.

I had to sit down the other day after 20 minutes of very light walking because I was so breathless and lightheaded. A combination of less lung room and less iron.

At least my hair is amazing. Seriously, amazing.

13 comments on "Me Made Maternity - Week 30: Missing! One Brain. Reward offered for its safe return."
  1. You look so good. And I totally remember loosing my brain during the final weeks of my pregnancys ;) Be prepared to not get it back too early. This lasts for some time while you are nursing your baby...

    1. Thanks so much Annika :) I am prepared for it not to return for a while, but I hope it's back for a little bit before the baby actually comes, I really have stuff I need it to do, hehe :)

  2. You are looking amazing! When I was pregnant I managed to sew 2 sleeves in upside down. I'm still not sure how that is actually possible! :)

    1. Thanks Helen - I'm at the stage where I feel like nothing is impossible! Sew a sleeve to a pant leg? Sure! Stitch together two things backwards AND upside down? Why not! All I can do is laugh right now.

  3. Ahh the joys of baby brain! It does result in some very funny happenings. I had issues with iron when I was pregnant too. I always go off red meat when pregnant so that doesn't help. Not long to go now!

  4. I hope everything goes well for the rest of the pregnancy. Be patient :)

  5. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Be patient :)

  6. You look awesome! And I totally understand the pregnancy brain woes, I was pregnant with my son during my final semester of college.... it was a rough one lol

  7. I read that your brain shrinks by 25% while you're pregnant. I used the "It's okay, my brain is just shrinking" excuse forever after that! It does come back...eventually. Mostly. I'll let you know when mine comes back entirely. Just so you know, my youngest is seven next month. :D

  8. Laughing at your missing brain anecdote! My hair was amazing too when pregnant which I thought was the norm until a dear friend started losing hers, which is also quite normal apparently. It grew back but she was pretty stressed about it at first.

  9. You look beautiful. Blame the pregnancy if you must, but i have no such excuse and last week was weird to say the least. I had many of the same sewing drama going on, but me??? Im blaming the triple super moon, eclipse, and equniox!!!! Molasses on toast helps with iron levels and energy in these last few weeks btw. Love ur blog!!!

  10. You look beautiful! And don't stress on the sewing mistakes, that sounds like a normal day in my life hahah!!! :)

  11. Ha ha, love your pregnancy brain anecdote. ^^ I don't remember any specifics but I do remember that my colleagues were smiling at my silly mistakes when I was pregnant.


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