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Saturday, January 10, 2015
I know it might be a tiny bit late now, but oh boy, what a year 2014 has been. David and I certainly did not do things by halves last year. For some reason, we seemed to have packed in as many major milestones as we could have...

Christmas Gingerbread baking.

Old cotton thread spools in my sewing room.

A winter sunrise where I live...
  • We bought a house and undertook some rather major renovations of said house and it's over-grown garden. We also inherited 3 chooks.

    While we're still working away at the house, my next goal is to get the house blog up-to-date so I can start posting about the things we're doing to it now, rather than things that we did a few months ago.
Fresh eggs and artichoke from the garden.

My sewing room does not currently look like this. We've been sanding and varnishing floors so there is a lot of stuff in there at the moment!

I may have gone overboard with the planting of sweet peas this year.

Making broccoli and cheese soup in my new-to-me pot.

Monty, keeping the bed warm.

Spring blossoms on the cherry tree.

I'm a real gardner now!
  • I started my own tiny, wee, fledgling business making sewing patterns. It's not something I really discussed much on here just in case, you know, it didn't quite work out. At least then, I could slink back into my wee hole and pretend it had never existed.

    But amazingly and thankfully, the sewing community has really seemed to appreciate the patterns I've released, so in 2015 I'd like to start talking about my wee business a bit more a la Tasia and A Fashionable Stitch. I love reading about their businesses, the successes, the failures (and oh how there have been failures for me...).

    I also have some big plans in mind, like - drum roll please - paper patterns!!  Yep, I know you guys have been asking, so who am I to say no? I'll be doing trial runs of a few of my most popular patterns to test the waters first and after that, who knows...
  • David became an official Doctor, and I a Dr's wife (just not that kind of doctor...) in November. So we travelled back over to our old stomping ground and enjoyed the weather and catching up with friends.
Jacaranda's blooming in the USYD Quad on David's graduation day.

The Christmas tree in the QVB.
  • I nearly completed my personal goal of buying no new clothing in 2014. I caved a few days after Christmas and bought a dress (or two) that will be maternity-friendly. The sale was just too good!!

Buttons on my first ever finished knitted garment, the Miette Cardigan.
  • And of course, the rather big (and growing) news, I got pregnant. The wee bun is due on the 30th May (two days after my 30th birthday). And thanks so much for all of your well wishes on my last post!! A new journey begins...
Central Otago cherries, now it's officially summer.

So, while 2015 has rather a lot to live up to, it's not exactly shaping up to be uneventful.  Here's to wishing each and everyone of you a happy new year, whatever it may bring.


All photos are from my instagram from throughout the year.
10 comments on "This Year..."
  1. It certainly has been a big year for you! 2015 is guaranteed to smash it out of the ballpark with the arrival of your little one. Trust me when I say it's one of the greatest things you will ever do x

    1. Thanks Kat - it's all so unknown at the moment but very exciting all at the same time!

  2. Oh, congratulations!! I am behind enough to have missed the announcement :) How exciting, your home and family changes are so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much - it's been and is going to be a wild ride :)

  3. Lovely photos to sum up an exciting year, best wishes for 2015.

  4. I'll never forget the excitement and anticipation I felt when I was pregnant for the first time. It's such an amazing feeling! Enjoy xo

  5. Congrats! What a big an wonderful year - very pleased to hear about paper patterns for me I still haven't quite leapt into the PDF world :O) Here's to a fabulous new year for you xxx

  6. Happy New Year Jennifer! Wow, you have had quite the year! I am happy I got to be a part of your business's growth, in my own little way, via pattern testing that one time. Also, I didn't know you had a house blog! I peeked at it quickly just now and I am excited to find out that you are a gardener as well! My husband and I might be doing some remodeling this year as well, so I will give that blog a more thorough look later. Anwyay, congrats on the bun and here's to staying busy! ;)

    1. Awww, thanks Lilly!! Yes, there is a house blog which I'm slooooooowly catching up on. There are so many photos to share that I find it a bit daunting but I'm getting there, and we're finally getting there with all the big renovations. Then I'll just get to potter in my garden...right?


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