Me Made Maternity - Week 21: Sneaky Peeks

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wearing - The Afternoon Blouse (pattern available here) & a modified version of one 
of the skirt options for the forthcoming new pattern!!

When I found out I was pregnant, I started to experiment with gathered skirts and stretchy waistbands. Let's just say some of my initial experiments were not very flattering, even on a barely noticeable pregnant belly. 

You see, the first thing I tried was a simple gathered skirt with the waistband folded over and then the elastic threaded through. This turned out to be reeeeeally unflattering on me because the gathered nature of the waistband itself made my waistline almost disappear completely. I had also chosen much too heavy a fabric and had gone for way too many gathers. (Yeah I admit it, I've never made a gathered elastic waist skirt before. They've honestly just never been on my wardrobe radar. I know, it's probably's pretty much supposed to be the first thing you make right? Along with a pillow case?).

I love big, full, gathered skirts, but I've realised that they only look flattering on me when paired with a fitted bodice at the waist or a flat waistband, and that I seem to naturally gravitate towards those styles, to give the effect of an overall smaller waist. Good thing to know *wink*.

So, after a few more experiments, I came up with the idea of using the elastic as the 'flat' waist band itself and just stitching the skirt to it, while stretched. This not only gives you an even gather, but it's a super quick little make that gives you that all important smaller waist when belts no longer become a bearable option.

The one I'm wearing is made with a vintage rayon from my stash, and I realise that I probably should have made it a bit longer so that as I got bigger, I could wear the skirt up and over the belly, without showing too much to unsuspecting bystanders. But, at least I'll still get wear out of it when I'm not pregnant any more.

And, this skirt pattern is actually a little sneak peek of one of the skirt options for my next dress pattern. All-in-one yoke pockets everyone! It's a super easy little adjustment to make to the skirt and I'll be sharing a tutorial soon.

Then of course, pair it with a breezy Afternoon Blouse and you've got yourself a simple, quick and lovely little summery maternity outfit.


PS) please excuse the plastic-wrapped-flooring-solution, we're currently painting...
14 comments on "Me Made Maternity - Week 21: Sneaky Peeks"
  1. You look so radiant and I love the whole outfit!

  2. Using wide elastic as a waistband is my favorite way of constructing and evenly gathered skirt. I even did a tutorial on it a while back, in case someones interested in trying it out:

    You look so cute by the way!

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing Hanna, that's pretty much exactly how I did mine, but I added pockets and used a smaller elastic (I was keeping my shrinking waistline in mind...). So easy and very cute :)

  3. Unfortunately I don't look good in gathered skirts even if you sew the elastic straight onto the fabric, unless it's a really drapey fabric that doesn't add ANY bulkiness to the waist! This looks great on you though, and I love the fabric

    1. Hey Sophie, it really is all in the fabric! Soft and drape-y are the way to go, I think rayon is perfect since it doesn't add any bulk, you don't need a lining to prevent it sticking to your stockings and it just hangs nicely :)

  4. I love what you're doing for maternity wear! Just a side note, the old English font for your blog titles is very hard to read...wonder if you could simplify it a bit? Thanks for your consideration!
    And I agree with the above comment - you do glow in these photos!

    1. Hi Cherie, Hmmm, it should all be the same font throughout which isn't an old english font, it's a very clean one. What kind of browser are you using? Perhaps there's some random html in my settings making seem off to you...?

  5. Beautiful outfit!
    Don't worry too much about the length- once your belly reaches a certain size, you'll want to wear everything slung down low under your bump.

  6. I have found that cutting a gathered skirt in an a-line shape rather than a straight rectangle also really helps make them more flattering - not nearly so heavy looking on top but you still end up with a gathered, full shape. Not sure if that would work at all for maternity, though!

  7. a very nice pairing with the afternoon blouse ;o)

  8. Congrats. I love the whole outfit. Lovely colours.


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