An Old Hat Box...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Well, I certainly didn't mean to let the whole month of February pass by without a post. And who can believe we are a quarter of the way through March already?

These past few weeks have seen almost zilch in the sewing department completed. I've half heartedly tried to finish a few of my WIPs (I totally ironed a half finished skirt last weekend!) but I haven't really been all that enthused about any of them. It also doesn't help that I've started lusting after a few newly invented projects that I really really need to start otherwise-the-world-will-probably-end!!!

So, moving on to other projects that do not involve any sewing, but are no less satisfying and that I've actually finished! I bought this poor little old hat box at a market at the beginning of my Christmas holidays last year. The outside was a little battered, the bottom was kind of falling off, the leather binding was almost non-existant and what was there was cracking and broken. But the inside was in quite incredible condition for its age, no staining or rips. And it matched my other brown suitcase. And I was sure they would look the perfect pair sitting together in my bedroom.



The inside wasn't absolutely perfect, it needed a small amount of work, but not much. I glued the falling down fabric back to the side, trimmed the frayed edges and then lined the inside edge with new chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon. I also lined the back of the snapped leather straps with the ribbon so that they joined together again and the top would stay up when opened.





On the outside, I carefully glued the bottom back to the sides and left it for a few days to dry with a brick on top to weigh it down. I then glued what was left of the leather binding back down on both the bottom and the lid. I was thinking about trying to find some more leather to redo the binding, but I think it looks perfectly pretty in it's own tumble down way so I think I'll leave it.

This pretty little case now has enough strength to stay together and house a few of my cardigans until autumn comes calling (which won't be long now, considering it officially began on the 1st of March!).

3 comments on "An Old Hat Box..."
  1. That is a gorgeous hatbox! And so much more beautiful now that you've restored it :) It seems so strange to think that you are just now entering autumn as we in the u.s. are just entering spring ;) I hope you have a lovely fall though!


  2. Jen that hatbox is lovely! Well done on restoring its glory :)


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