One Pattern, Seven Bloggers - 4

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
My dress seems to be coming along nicely, all I need to do with the bodice now is fix up the arm holes.

This week the One Pattern Seven Bloggers team are all discussing any special techniques we’ve used in our dresses and I
am going to be talking about pleats...just not today. It's written it just needs photos and I don't have time to do them this week but I will on the weekend. So instead, I'm going to post what was supposed to be my added bonus technique - how to get perfect darts! Enjoy.


This little tutorial I decided to do last minute as I was marking out the bust darts on my bodice. I used to always have issues sewing straight darts, especially right towards the tip where it’s most noticeable if they are a little wonky. One day I just started doing the way I'm about to show you and it has given me perfect darts every time...

1. Mark your darts with cotton thread. I have always done it this way and recommend it over chalk because you can easily thread your needle straight through the pattern and the mark won’t rub off. Don’t knot the end as they won’t be there for long. I should also note that I only ever pay attention to the bottom two dart markings and the top dart marking (in these photos labelled A, B and C).

2. With the wrong side facing up, using a ruler, find the middle spot between your bottom two darts (A and B). Mark the spot.

3. Using tailors chalk, draw a straight line from the centre mark you just found right up the centre to the top dart mark (C). This will be where you will fold your dart!

4. Take your ruler and draw a straight line from one of your bottom dart marks (I chose A, but you could do either side) to the top dart mark (C). This is the line you will sew!

5. Fold your dart on the middle line you first drew and iron.

6. Take your fabric to your machine and always starting from the bottom of the dart, sew along that nice straight line you drew earlier.

7. Turn your dart under, iron and TA DA! a perfect dart.

Make sure you check out how everyone else is doing…




ps) Thank you for all of your comments on my photo taking exploits in my last post. I'm glad you liked them :)
4 comments on "One Pattern, Seven Bloggers - 4"
  1. Wow Jen, they are really clear pictures. You explain it so well! x

  2. What a clever little trick with the thread. I will definitely be using this from now on. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I do my darts totally different (and probably wrong). Thanks for the tips, I will try that next time! For light or white fabrics, what do you use? I use orange chalk all the time, but I'm carefull to draw really faintly on white or sheer fabrics.

  4. That's so handy! I've been struggling with my stupid chunky chalk all this time. Definitely going to try this next time, thanks!


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