Australia Day...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Happy Australia day you Aussies!

Us Kiwis will just hang out in the corner with our pavlovas, lamingtons and memories of that great NZ horse Pharlap. Hehe...

Today is set to be a scorcher, 33deg c in fact (thats 91.4f according to my trusty online temperature converter). It is infact already really hot and means we should probably be at the beach, unfortunately my poor fair skin just can't handle anymore sun at the moment.

Beach 4

David and I spent both Saturday and Sunday at the beach* last weekend and it was glorious. I haven't been swimming at a beach in such a long time and I had forgotten how much fun it is. The water was so warm and calm and we managed to find a beach in a bay with lots of shade and not too many people about.

Beach 1

Tonight David and I are off to see Amanda Palmer at the Opera House, though I secretly think we are mostly going because her newly acquired husband will be there and he just happens to be Neil Gaiman.

Enjoy your day off if you live in Australia or have a great Wednesday otherwise!!


* As a side note, on our little exploration to find a beach we liked, we accidently happened upon a nudist beach. Infact we found two nudist beaches before happening upon our family friendly beach which is probably going to become our favourite beach I imagine.
7 comments on "Australia Day..."
  1. Oh my gosh - I don't know what I would do if I happened upon a nudist beach! I'm not sure if I'd run away or laugh! That's horrible.

    It sounds like you had a great day, that's awesome!

  2. Where, oh where did you get that awesome bathing suit? I have been looking for one like that for ages!


  3. Hey Jen
    Happy Australia Day! I love the blue and white spot swimsuit? you're wearing in the top pic, wherever did u get it?
    That beach looks a little like Bundeena - wherabouts is it? x

  4. Happy nice weather & Australia Day to you (you're here now, so you're practically Australian!)!

    My friend (who loves both Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer) almost died when I told her they got married. She just had no idea they had any connection whatsoever... unfortunately as I work in the biz, and see their romance on twitter most days! It's a very gothic storybook romance!


  5. Ooh, so jealous of the warmth and sun. I miss the daylight and wearing less that 4 layers. Come on spring.

  6. Hope you had a fabulous Aussie Day. Wasn't it ridiculously hot? My poor pale skin isn't liking the beach much either. Still, that's not a real beach Jen, where's the waves? :P

    Hope Amanda Palmer was excellent too! I have heard she's marvellous live.


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