Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Iced Tea Dramas...

Friday, January 28, 2011
This is what I wore to see Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman and everyone else that turned up on stage at the Opera House on Australia Day.

27th Jan 2011 3

Unfortunately, I managed to spill iced tea all throughout my bag and down the front of my dress two songs in. Well of course I did!! Lucky for me I had chosen a dark coloured dress and I managed to dry out by the end of the performance.

27th Jan 2011 5

27th Jan 2011 4

It was also unbelievably hot that day too - I set my hair in rollers and after 20minutes they had gone loose and floppy.

The show however was amazing - almost like a variety show with songs and readings and stories. Dress ups and food being made on stage. Bad beer being drunk and tuning into radio stations to hear what Australia had voted song of the year (which by the way was a song by Angus and Julia if you were interested).

Luckily today Sydney is giving us a respite from the heat until the weekend when it will be too hot to do anything again!

8 comments on "Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Iced Tea Dramas..."
  1. Hey Jen
    That dress is fab! Where did u get it? x

  2. How lovely, I adore this cute dress!

    Camila F.

  3. Gorgeous dress! I wish the heat would ease up a little here on the Gold Coast. It is way too hot for my liking.

  4. That dress is lovely on you!

    It sounds like you had a great time, save for the drink spill. But as you said, at least the color was dark so it was unnoticeable!

  5. Gorgeous dress I love it. I wish it would cool down in Brisbane so hot at the moment.

  6. You look wonderful in that dress (and really tall). Glad you dried out ok.


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