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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hello hello!

I haven't seen you all since the last Willa Wrap Coat Sew Along post in March! Never fear, SO MUCH has been going on in the background that will hopefully begin to fruit over the next few months, and then I think I'll finally be back on a roll. It's also the end of the financial year over here and I've been spending time teeing up last year, reflecting, resolving and getting ready to start fresh this year. 

What all of this has made me realise though, is that in order to keep up and keep providing, I'm going to have to start looking at raising my prices gradually. So, from the 1st of May, my PDF prices will be getting a little makeover, with the rest of the changes to happen towards the end of the year.

I've written a bunch of my reasoning below if you care to read, but in a nutshell, from the 1st May 2021, you will be able to purchase the JLH Original and JLH Curve size ranges separately as well as in an economical bundle option if you want both size ranges in one pattern.  

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Pricing Changes

Many of you already know that I released my Curve size range last year, and that there are currently 2 patterns available with both the Original and Curve sizes included — these are the Dulcie Pinafore and the Willa Wrap Coat.

Many of the bigger indie companies that have two size ranges, split the purchase of these, meaning you pay the same single price twice if you want both size ranges. 

When I delved into the work of creating my JLH Curve Line, I really wanted my patterns to be accessible to as many as possible, so when I released them last year, you got BOTH size ranges for same single PDF price (that has remained unchanged for many years). I still want to honour this, as accessibility and inclusitivioty was one of the big driving forces for releasing the extended range in the first place. But what the numbers have shown, is that how I have been doing it is unsustainable for the long term.

So, on May 1st, I will split the Original and Curve size ranges up so that you can purchase them separately for $12.99USD each. HOWEVER, in order to keep the costs down for those that want both size ranges in the one pattern, I will introduce a bundle option priced at $18.50USD. This way you can get both size ranges combined for much less than paying double the single pattern price.

Right now, these changes only effect the two patterns that are currently available in both ranges - Willa and Dulcie.

The Willa Wrap Coat, available in JLH Original (6-24 A to D cups) and JLH Curve (16-34 C to F cups)

My aim is to keep my current single size range PDF pattern prices as is until the latter part of this year. These haven't been changed in many years, but they will go up to $14.50USD respectively, with the bundle going up to $21USD. This is to help me to keep up with the  growing costs that have built up over the years and to keep more in line with other companies (while still keeping them at the lower end of these price-points, to keep them accessible). 


Basically, the Curve pattern is a completely separate pattern to the Original pattern. While it has the same design lines and construction, it's a whole new pattern that is based on an entirely different block.  Because of this, it's fitted on a completely different body to the Original and has separate and very specific grading rules that I spent a lot of time on getting right, right at the start of this journey. 

The current price of the pattern covers the work for the Original sizes, but it has been falling short on covering the additional costs involved for the Curve patterns.

I pay my curve fit model for her time, expertise and materials: from sending printed patterns to her multiple times to test pattern tweaks, to purchasing fabric and notions for the — sometimes multiple — samples, to FaceTiming and emailing back and forth over tester feedback and Curve Community musings.  

After this initial fitting process, we move onto the time and resources I spend marking up a whole new pattern, finalising the details of this pattern (so many little details!) and then there's sourcing models for the final sample photos and the time and money it costs for these from fitting sessions, the fabric and the materials, to the final photography/editing/sorting and all that entails. 

With the additional work, time, expertise and finance required to add the new Curve patterns, I've realised I've not been covering any of this additional work in my prices.

The construction (and therefore the instructions) of each pattern though, is largely the same for Original and Curve ranges (bar the additional time and work put in to updating sizing, finished garment measurements and fabric lay outs etc), so I still feel that you shouldn't have to pay twice to get both size ranges. Which is where the bundle option comes in.

The Dulcie Pinafore, available in JLH Original (6-24 A to D cups) and JLH Curve (16-34 C to F cups)

I feel this new pricing structure both honours the work that is put into making these patterns available as well as those that fall either in between the cross-over sizes or those that want to use the pattern to make bespoke garments for friends and family members that sit across the sizes.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What does this mean for older patterns getting the Curve sizes make over?

I had originally wanted to give everyone who had purchased an older pattern the Curve pattern sizes update for free. That was the dream, but it's not the reality.

I will honour a cheaper rate if you are wanting to purchase the extended sizes in a pattern you have previously purchased though. So, as older patterns are given the JLH Curve make over, you'll just need to forward your receipt and I will sort you out. 

Details on this will be available as each individual pattern is made over + released.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope these minor changes don't put you off too much. Raising prices is always hard, and I've tried to be as transparent and honest as I can be. 

I hope you see the value in my new prices and realise that this will help me keep working hard to produce beautiful, modern-vintage inspired patterns, in a size-inclusive range (that includes A to F cups!), for as beautiful a fit, straight out of the packet, as possible.



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