Hemming a Lined Garment, two ways (with video!) - The Willa Wrap Coat Sew Along

Monday, March 1, 2021

We're nearly done, can you believe it?! We just have to sew up that hole in the back hem of your Willa Wrap Coat and then you can strut your stuff. You can do this two ways - either hand-stitch it shut OR do it with your sewing machine. 

Don't forget to sew your hem seam allowances back onto themselves along the bottom before you turn your coat out (or as you're hand-stitching, if that's your preferred option). Because you don't have a 'stitched' hem, it can flop down if you don't do this at each princess/side seam section - I show you how to do this from 2:28 in the video below, but it's the same technique we used for hemming the sleeves.

Check out the video below...

Tomorrow I'll show you my final Willa in all it's glory. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can properly give it it's first outing, it was boiling hot the day we took those photos but the mornings are getting darker and we've definitely had some chilly weather over the last few days.

You can purchase your Willa Wrap Coat sewing pattern here.



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