JLH Tester Call - An Updated Size Range!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

JLH Patterns is getting a makeover in the form of a refreshed and updated size range, and that means it's time to update my Tester Database.

If you'd like to be a JLH Pattern Tester, check out the new size tables below and sign up here.

With the release of the Dulcie Pinafore later in 2020, all new release patterns from there on out will include an additional 2 bust cups (up from 4 to a total of 6) as well as 5 new sizes (up from 10 to a total of 15) and in a few weeks time, the first of these new patterns will be ready to test.

The 'Original' range includes the current A to D cups, sizes 6 to 24 but with tweaked measurements for a more accurate fit. The 'Curve' range includes C to F cups (that's 2 new cup sizes) as well as 5 new sizes at the higher end, 16 to 34.

Below, you will find my two new size ranges - right click tables below and open them in a new tab or window to fully expand.

 Right click tables above and open them in a new tab or window to fully expand.

All JLH Patterns are based on a height of 170cm or 5'6"

The cross over between the Original and Curve sizes are the C&D cups in sizes 16 to 24. HOWEVER, you will receive BOTH size ranges when testing (and also when purchasing!!).

The main reason I'm splitting the 2 size ranges off is for ease of use at the other end. Nesting 15 different sizes and 6 different cup sizes, based on 2 different blocks with all of the notations and pattern markings required, does get a bit messy for the end user (and me, if I'm being honest!). It's easier for me to keep track of pattern alterations across sizes as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As I mentioned above, some of the patterns coming up for testing are new styles for release in the future (hello sneaky peek of the Willa Wrap Coat above...), BUT some will be previous popular styles that will be getting a makeover and a new lease of life in a bigger size range.

If you have any questions about testing, you can head on over to my FAQ's page here.

Please feel free to share this far and wide! Getting a wide range of Tester sizes and sewing abilities is just what I need.

Thank you so much in advance!

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