Me Made May 2018!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I've been caught up in last minute Pippi Pinafore preparations (the early bird newsletter went out this morning! Wow, I'm over whelmed by the support!) as well as trying to register for KAN (Knit August Nights) and making my Me Made May pledge had completely slipped my mind.

It's actually the first of May here today and I'm in an Ivy pinafore and pair of Nixie Briefs as I type.

I actually pretty much only wear Me Made garments these days, but I've realised that I've been reaching for the same combinations over the last few months (an Ivy paired with a Gable or Ostara top and a cardigan) and while it's such a comfortable outfit, I really need to start getting a little more inventive with my everyday handmade outfits.

It's not like I have any lack of choice - this year is the first year that I'll have handmade underwear to add into the mix, so the only things I haven't made that I wear on a daily basis in my wardrobe are tights, socks, bras and shoes. And I'm pretty proud of that little fact.

I do want to focus a little more on my knitting this month though (winter is looming...), completing another knitted garment is high on my list and should be very achievable - I have a cardigan for Oscar that is halfway finished, a nearly completed Wainthropp that is just awaiting some button band stabilisation (and buttons) and my Arboreal jumper is slowly taking shape (well, the fairisle is anyway...).

So, onto my pledge!

I, Jen of Jennifer Lauren Handmade and @jenniferlaurenhandmade on instagram, sign up as a participant of Me Made May '18. I will wear me made clothing everyday of the month and will get more creative with my daily handmade outfit combinations.

I'll also finish at least one knitting WIP and will document my outfits as much as possible throughout the month. I will post the occasional round up on my blog and post updates on my instagram account.

Are you signing up for Me Made May?

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