The Juniper Cardigan Sew Along - Making and Attaching the Sleeve Cuffs

Monday, June 26, 2017

We are officially on the home-stretch of the sew along, yay! Today we're making and attaching our sleeve cuffs...

You'll Need:
  • Your Juniper Cardigan bodice (well, it's pretty much a cardigan now, huh?)
  • Your Sleeve Cuffs
  • Pins & a sewing machine

1. Take your sleeve cuff and fold in half, right sides together, matching double notches.

2. Stitch down to secure, then trim down seam allowances and press seam open.

3. Wrong sides together, fold your cuff in half, turning it into a tube by matching single notches and each end of the seam from step 2 together so that the right sides are now showing. Pin and press.

4. Pin your cuff to your sleeve, matching raw edges and lining up seams and notches on the sleeve and cuff. Pin in place.

5. Stitch down to secure around the cuff and press seam allowance up. Marvel at your sleeve cuff before repeating the above for your other cuff.

You may wish to go one step further by top-stitching around your cuff using a longer straight stitch, on the sleeve side, 3mm or 1/8" away from the cuff stitching line. 

Oh my, what a beautiful sleeve!

Next we'll be talking about when, why and how to add grosgrain ribbon on to your button bands,

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