The Juniper Cardigan Sew Along - Choosing the Right Size

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In today's mini-post, I'm going to be talking a little more about the sizing for the Juniper Cardigan and how to get the right size for you.

The Intended Fit:

Juniper is a cardigan, it has more wearing ease built into it than my previous knit patterns because it's designed to be worn over the top of other things. Specifically, it was designed to be able to comfortably wear one fitted long sleeve layer under it. So, a long sleeved Gable Top/Dress or a Bronte Top would fit perfectly underneath it.

The bust on Juniper has a very small amount of built-in negative bust ease (aka, it's smaller than your actual measurements). The waist on the cropped version has zero ease (it's the same size as your waist) and the long line has positive ease at both the waist and hips, while still giving you a lovely silhouette.

With this in mind, you can hopefully get a better idea of how Juniper is intended fit VS how you want it to fit.

How do You Want it to fit?

If you're wanting your Juniper to go over the top of a strappy sundress, you might want it more fitted than it is, so sizing down from your usual size could be a good starting point to get the fit you're after.

If you want to layer that baby up as much as possible, sizing up would be advisable - and don't you think having a looser boyfriend long-line style would feel rather cozy?

Extended Measurements for a custom fit:

When you download your Juniper Cardigan instructions, you'll see on page 4 that there are a whole bunch of extra Finished Garment Measurements so that you can easily grade between sizes for a custom fit.

If you have a cardigan that you love already and want to mimic the fit of it, use the Extended Finished Garment Measurements to grade the pattern to fit exactly those measurements, taking the guess work out of how your final cardigan will come together.

Let me know if you have any other questions about choosing the right size! Otherwise, next up, we'll be dealing with everyone's favourite topic, boobs.

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