Colour Combination Ideas, A Mini Post - The Juniper Cardigan Sew Along

Monday, April 17, 2017

Now that we've covered what kind of fabric we are looking for when making the Juniper Cardigan, we can go wild with different colour and pattern combinations. This is most definitely one of my favourite things about sewing and Juniper really is the perfect canvas for this.

So in today's mini post, I'm showing you a few different colour combinations that I've been dreaming of - spring-time subtle in duck egg blue and autumnal greens with copper accents. Oh, and I really do need the first one in my autumn wardrobe too - time to hunt down some fabric me thinks...
A cream and rosey-maroon long line Juniper Cardigan with elbow patches
 A subtle spring-time blue Juniper Cardigan with a cropped bodice and 3/4 length sleeves
 Mixtures of green with copper buttons and leather elbow patches. A perfect autumn Juniper Cardigan.
 Classic mustard and grey - keep the cardigan shoulder line simple and clean by using the same colour for the sleeves and bodice.
 Dark honey mustard and light blue - so 70's, so right.
 Have fun with bright, graphic prints and pops of colour - Juniper is the perfect canvas for having fun with fabric.

Which colours are you thinking about for your Juniper Cardigan?

If you'd like elbow patches on your next Juniper, you can download the free patch pattern here.

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6 comments on "Colour Combination Ideas, A Mini Post - The Juniper Cardigan Sew Along"
  1. I've booked a day off work in a couple of weeks to sew and have the pattern cut out in anticipation. I ordered my fabric yesterday - i had a lot of fun planning my colour combos. Was hoping to add elbow patches too 😀

    1. Oh yay!! I can't wait to see what you decided on! Are you going for subtle or some fun contrast?

  2. Hi Jennifer! I was excited for this pattern as soon as you put out the call for testers and although I didn't have the time to test I am planning one now. I wondered if you also have information on the fabric requirements for specific pattern pieces for color blocking purposes :)

    1. Why didn't I think of this myself? That is such a good idea!! Yes, I'll get my butt into gear and get some different fabric layouts for sleeves etc. There are so many different combinations that I might just do sleeves and bodice, since they're the biggest pieces?

      Thank you for the great idea!

  3. I was hoping for fabric quantities for the colourwork versions you've done. So sleeves and bands in one colour and body etc in the other. I'm needing to order tomorrow for my one so hoping I don't have to wing it! In the meantime I'm going to print my pattern and hope I have time to work it out myself.

    1. Hey Rachelle! What size are you making? I can do a quick layout for you tonight :) You can email me - jen at jenniferlaurenhandmade dot com


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