Short & Sweet - February Days

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Knitting - Winter mitts while I wait for another ball of wool to arrive so I can finish off my Owls. Rookie mistake = not ordering enough wool.

Sewing - All the Juniper cardigans.

Cooking - meatballs. On the way home from playgroup last week, I asked Oscar what he wanted for lunch, he said meatballs. Meatballs it is, dude.

Drinking - white wine spritzers and pretending summer is here.

Learning - Alternate Cable Cast-On, it's so pretty!

Hoping - Oscar gets better soon. He's been sick since the weekend and while the cuddles are lovely, I want that happy little boy back.

Wanting - all the indie yarn. Seriously, just all of it. Thanks.

Deciding - what to knit next? What to sew next?

Enjoying - the sunshine & impromptu walks down to see the diggers at the bottom of our street.

Collecting - avocado pits. Natural dye, here I come.

Listening - to bees buzzing while we dig in the sandpit and make sand castles.

Watching - Land Girls. Those 40's overalls.

Smelling - summer roses in the garden.

Wearing - Ivy pinafores. I don't think I've worn much else these past few rainy weeks.

Wondering - which sewing pattern designs to work on next.

Admiring - how much talent this creative community has and how willing people are to share and give advice.

Grateful - for lovely emails from friends, even though we've never met. Both new, out-of-the-blue notes as well as ones from old friends.

Loving - quiet evenings.

Feeling - all over the place.

Buying - more wool.

Baking - zucchini bread (with half the sugar & how ever many cups 2 grated zucchini's yield - don't squeeze out the water!) with zucchini picked fresh from the garden.

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2 comments on "Short & Sweet - February Days"
  1. Hi, I was wondering where you got the amazing floral print knit that you made this gable dress out of? I think I asked before but my comment must not have come through on the Gable dress post!
    Also, curious if you're going to the Unwind retreat in Dunedin next weekend? If yes then I might see you there!

    1. Hey! Oh, I've almost given up on the spammy comments! Driving me nuts, but every now and then, a real one comes through that I actually notice :)

      I got that fabric from Backstreet Bargains, an online NZ fabric store - I actually had someone else on instagram ask the same thing. I've checked recently and they don't appear to have it any more though. I think they might get designer end-of-line fabric sometimes because sometimes they have amazing stuff, and sometimes not so much. But it's worth checking somewhat regularly to see what they do have.

      I won't be going to Unwind unfortunately! I had thought about it, but by the time I checked out the classes, all of the ones I might have wanted to do had filled up and I wouldn't be able to make it to any of the dinners/evening things with Oscar. I would desperately love to look at all the stalls though, but it's open to registered people only. Maybe next year I'll be a bit more on to it with registration.

      Are you going?


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