A Handmade Day Podcast, Ep5 - Knitting Failures & Successes

Friday, February 10, 2017
I know, I'm a little late to the par-tay, but the first A Handmade Day podcast episode is up for the year!

It's mostly about knitting, but if you'd like to get a peek at the Gable Dress in real-time, you can check it out right at the start. You can also hear about some of my favourite sewing gadgets towards the end in the Ask Jen segment.

Unfortunately, I realised a little too late that a lot of my knitting from last year was coming out yuge due to the fact that I was knitting at a really loose tension for some reason. Like, really loose. I've since remedied this, perhaps a little too much on my first finished project for the year (Oscar's Owlet), but at least this one is wearable. If not for two winters, at least for one.

The times for individual segments are below in case you want to skip to particular sections...

0.01 - Happy New Year!! *contains spectacular celebrations*
0.54 - Baking of the Episode - Barb's Chocolate Brownie
1.57 - Wearing - The Gable Dress (not ironed. What's new?)
5.37 - Other sewing? Not so much... except for The Juniper Cardigan (coming soon!)
8.00 - On with the knitting failures, first up, The Belfast Cardigan
12.14 - The Anouk Cardigan
16.47 - My first finished project of the year and a big success, Owlets for Oscar
20.43 - The beginning of my very own Owls (hopefully another success. TBA)
24.11 - The beginnings of some future knitting plans...
25.06 - Ask Jen! Carole wanted to know what some of my favourite sewing gadgets are, so behold -
  • 25.26 - A wrist pin cushion (I got mine from Miss Maude)
  • 27.39 - A good sewing machine (& my thoughts on computerised machines vs manual machines). I have a Janome My Excel 18w and if you're looking for a reliable workhorse that does everything, I highly recommend it.
  • 34.40 - A Tailor's Ham (and I just happen to have a free pattern here in case you want to make one of your own).
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* or not...
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