All Patched Up - A Gable Top Tutorial (with FREE Pattern Piece)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello All!

As promised, today we're talking about adding elbow patches onto your Gable Top, and I've made a free pattern piece for you, just to make it even easier.

Elbow patches will give your Gable Top a more casual vibe and they're a super easy addition - so why not use up some of those fabric scraps and go wild with fun fabric combinations?

Patches are added to your sleeve while it is flat, so follow the steps below first and then continue to make your Gable Top as per the instructions.

You'll need - 
Optional - 
  • Interfacing, depending on the type of fabric you're using for your patch
Steps - 

1. You'll need to try on a long sleeved Gable (or other knit top) to pin point where to place your patch accurately on your sleeve. Let your arms hang naturally at your sides, then have someone place a pin in the sleeve, right where your elbow sits.

Transfer this marking to your paper pattern piece and when cutting out your sleeves, use a tailor's tack to transfer that mark to your fabric pattern pieces.

2. Cut out two patches in your fashion fabric. Depending on fabric choice, interface your patches on the wrong side and overlock (or zigzag) the outer edges.

Note - I used a red stretch knit for my patches (some of the left over knit from my 3/4 sleeved Gable) so I didn't need to finish the outer edges since this knit doesn't fray. For aesthetics, you may decide to finish them, it's completely up to you. I also didn't use an interfacing since it's a decorative patch, as opposed to a functioning patch, but if I was going to, in this case I'd use a knit interfacing.

3. Line up the centre of your patch with the mark you made in step 1. Place the wrong side of the patch onto the right side of the sleeve and leaving long tails, stitch down using a 3mm or 1/8" seam allowance all the way around. Pull thread tails through to the wrong side, tie in a secure knot and repeat for the other sleeve.

4. Press and continue making up your Gable as per the instructions.

Adding a patch is SO EASY and definitely changes up the look and feel of Gable, making it more relaxed and weekend ready.

Do let me know if you make a patched up Gable, I'd love to see them :)

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PS) I'm wearing this Gable Top with an Ivy Pinafore.
2 comments on "All Patched Up - A Gable Top Tutorial (with FREE Pattern Piece)"
  1. This is adorable! Looking forward to using it! :)

    1. Thanks Caitlin :) Please do, would love to see it in action!! xx


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