Video! Let's Talk About Gable Knits...

Monday, September 5, 2016
Soooo... I've gotten over my fear and recorded a video for you guys all about recommended knit fabrics for The Gable Top - eek!

Please don't count the number of times I say 'um...' because I had a Monty-Cat on my lap being all claw-y and purry and sore with those sharp little nails of his trying to get my attention.

So, why a video? Well, I did quite a bit of in-depth talking about knits when when I did The Bronte Top Sew-along, and since Gable is drafted for the same type of fabric, I didn't want to re-hash the same stuff in another wordy blog post. Also, since I have such limited time these days, I've found that I'm keeping up with the online world much more through videos and podcasts now - listening to interviews and presentations while sewing or drafting has definitely become my new routine, so, I thought I'd change it up a little and give it a go myself, just in case any one who reads this little spot on the internet is leaning the same way.

Also, hearing someone speak is so much more personal, isn't it? I feel like I know the people I listen too, even though I've never met them before. I still love reading blogs when I have the time, but I definitely find that I'm usually using them as a source of information and inspiration rather than a personal connection with the person behind the blog, like I used too.

I'm not sure if videos are the way of the future for me, I'll have to get much better at letting there be silence while I'm gathering my thoughts, rather than um-ing or ah-ing, but I guess that'll come with time and practice, and maybe a cat-ban during recording, huh?

  • I fact checked my 'sheep' numbers and there are actually 6 sheep per person in NZ now, it used to be 20!!!
  • 190GSM works out to be roughly 5.60oz per square yard.
  • When I said a '10cm ruler' er, I meant just a normal ruler with a 10cm length of fabric.
Obviously there are lots and lots of places to buy knits, the ones I covered in the video are just off the top of my head and are places that I've bought fabric from or brands I've used and have found are good quality.

Also, like I mentioned in the video, there are all kinds of knits and for the sake of not waffling on for an hour (can you imagine?!), I only covered my two favourite types. These are the ones that I use about 95% of the time.

Where to buy Merino Knit Fabric - 

Where to buy cotton/lyrca (spandex/elastane) knits - 
Cotton/Lycra (spandex/elastane) brands mentioned - 

I mention Emma at Miss Maude in the video as well, and while she doesn't stock the two types of fabric I mention, she has a lovely range of fabric that you should peruse anyway! Caitlan at Indie Stitches in Australia also stocks a small range of cotton/lycra as well.

So, um (!), let me know if you have any questions, otherwise, talk soon...

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1 comment on "Video! Let's Talk About Gable Knits..."
  1. Very professional! Nice to see a feline in a starring role as well. Top looks classic and easy to wear. Must check out Spotlight for fabric.


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