Grey Bronte Days...

Friday, March 25, 2016

Brrrrr, it's cold you guys!

I finished this grey merino Bronte top a few weeks ago - I've been stitching up my winter wardrobe for a little while now, because, did I mention it was cold?  Winter isn't just coming, it's most definitely here... 

I loved the silver colour of this grey merino as soon as I saw it, but I didn't realise how thin it was at the time. It wasn't until I put it on and you could see every detail of my bra straight through the fabric, that I realised this was a top I'd have to wear with a singlet underneath. A wee bit disappointing, but I can't complain since it was a major and unexpected score at Spotlight (NZ's version of Joanne's I do believe). They never stock merino and it was 40% off. Plus, I don't actually mind that I'll have to wear a singlet with it, because, did I mention it was cold here? And you know, layers.

I've made a second long-sleeved blue Bronte already that is just awaiting some buttons. Me Made May is coming and I'm so excited to participate (after my break last year) as well as help Zoe out with it again this year. Me Made May has definitely been giving my sewing mojo a boost lately, sign up details will be here at the beginning of April.

I'm wearing my Bronte with a Felicity Dress skirt. I've been wearing mine non-stop, and can't quite seem to stop making them. I guess when something works, why stop right?

Oh yeah, and I got a hair cut - it was time. I hadn't had one since before Oscar was born.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday, we are stocked up with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, toasty roaring fires and a 10month old who's favourite thing to do is climb on us.  So cute, so happy.

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9 comments on "Grey Bronte Days..."
  1. Gorgeous top & skirt. I can't believe Oscar is ten months old!

    1. I can't believe he's 10months either!! It's gone so quickly, gulp!

  2. This is very pretty. And spotty stocking merino - my goodness! Did you have to size up due to the lack of Lycra content (actually I'm assuming it has no Lycra) - I've found a few merino tops I've made have been a bit snug as I haven't factored that in......

    1. Hey Sarah! Yep, it's 100% merino, and even without the lycra, it's actually really stretchy (and has a good recovery to boot!), so I didn't need to size up.

      I guess the annoying thing about any knits is that you never really know how stretchy they might be, especially when buying on the internet. Even a knit with the same fabric content could be knit together in a different fashion, made thicker, dyed differently, printed, have a pattern knit into the fibres etc, which can all effect the stretchiness of the fabric. This merino is thin, so that also definitely played a role in making it less bulky and a little more stretchy.

      As long as the fabric has 40% stretch, you should be okay, but if you were worried, it's better to size up than not.

      Hope that really long winded answer helps :)


  3. Cute Bronte, cute haircut, and cute Felicity!!

  4. Lovely top! Colour really suits you. I had a chuckle at the ominous "layering" in anticipation of winter remark. When isn't the Deep South either preparing for winter or in the middle of winter? Haven't had too much chance to really get back into my sewing/crafts since the school term started but am anticipating being able to have a bit of a crafts-fest during the term break. LOL. :) xxxxxx

  5. I love this top Jen! I agree that is one awesome score I've never seen merino in Spotlight over here :)


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