Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's December and the weather has been glorious. Hot and sunny most days with a few cool, wet ones (perfect for floral-sock-wearing) to water the garden and keep those salad greens coming. They've exploded over the past few days and I think we'll be eating salad morning, noon and night in the coming months. We did plant quite a lot of them...

And Christmas is only a few short weeks away now. Oscar's first Christmas.

He more than likely won't remember it this year, but along with a few small bits and pieces, we've bought him the loveliest book. I found it when I was about 8 months pregnant and thought it was so pretty - both the story and the illustrations. Now, Oscar is spoilt for choice when it comes to books in this house - he has all of David's old childhood books, as well as new books given as gifts when he was born (and then there's David's current collection of books, but that's for another day. She gets fabric, He gets books...), but I've kept thinking about this book ever since I saw it and knew that we'd have to get it for him. It's called The Dawn Chorus by Suzanne Barton.

The Dawn Chorus for our little dawn chorus. Perfect.

We've continued offering Oscar solid foods since my last little update and he's officially all for the strawberries. They are his absolute favourite at the moment. He's my little strawberry baby - and he smells so good after he's eaten one. A mixture of happy baby and strawberry... I do wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I was in my first trimester this time last year and that all I could stomach eating was strawberries and stone fruit (peaches, nectarines and apricots - lucky it was the right season for them!!). I could eat A LOT of strawberries in one sitting, but I did try to put some kind of limit on them, lest I turn into a strawberry...

And yesterday afternoon, Oscar rolled over from his back to his tummy three times - which is no minor accomplishment for someone who doesn't particularly like tummy time. He mastered rolling from his tummy to his back early on (and has perfected it over the last couple of weeks, making tummy time almost non-existent now) but to roll from his favourite comfy back position to his tummy was something we weren't sure would happen any time soon. He would lay on his side to get a better look at something, but was more than happy to leave it at that. So, we're pretty excited.

And I've been sewing!! I only really get moments here and there, but it's been lovely. I'm really excited to show you some of the new things I've been working on, hopefully in the new year. Or maybe sooner if I get too excited... you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be sharing sneaky peeks here.

Talk soon,

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2 comments on "December"
  1. Oscar is so cute, looks like you're having a lovely December so far! It must be so exciting that it's Oscar's first Christmas too.

    1. Thanks so much, we definitely are having a great December, the weather yesterday was perfect (a little rainy and cold today...). We're very excited for Oscar's first christmas, it's a pity he won't remember it, but at least we will.



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