Paper Patterns - They're a Comin' (SOON!)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I've been a wee bit of a busy spring bee lately...

In between Oscar-time, I've been working away on turning the Bronte Top digital pattern into a paper pattern, just in time for Christmas. And oh my, what a lot of work!

I know this is something many of you have been waiting on, and so as a little heads up, at this stage it's only a trial run with limited copies available.

So... erm, perhaps don't wait too long to order once they arrive in my shop.

If you would like me to let you know when the Bronte Paper Patterns will be available, before anyone else (which is really really soon), why not sign up to my newsletter?

I promise you'll only hear the occasional flutter of news from me, landing in your inbox, containing only the best snippets about new pattern releases, sales and other (hopefully interesting) tidbits, all before anyone else hears about it.

Talk soon,


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4 comments on "Paper Patterns - They're a Comin' (SOON!)"
  1. Yay congrats Jen! Very exciting :)

  2. So excited that you are going to do paper patterns - I really hope you are thinking about doing the Felicity dress too! It's already on my Christmas list for a post Christmas make (to be ready when the weather in the UK gets warm enough for such a lovely dress).

    1. Hi CaitLou - awww, thanks :) Depending on how this first pattern goes, I'll be doing a poll to see what the next pattern should be to turn into a paper pattern - I have a feeling it'll either be Felicity or the Afternoon Blouse, but you never know!



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