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Thursday, December 5, 2013
Going into each new sewing season, I normally have quite a clear list of what I'm going to endeavour to make. Having a list makes it so much easier for me to stay on track and actually finish projects rather than abandoning them at the last stitch (I really dislike hemming, I don't know why...).

This year though, I'm really struggling to A) narrow down the list of patterns I could sew and B) decide on what fabric to actually make up said patterns.

I think I'm suffering from a bout of too many patterns, too much fabric (TMPTMF) syndrome. It might have something to do with moving countries, going on an extended travel adventure and then coming back to a summer that is not like the long hot summers I got used to in Sydney. Unfortunately the summers here can be a bit iffy, you're never really sure whether you are going to wake up to tights & cardigan weather or summer dress weather.

Having said that, I have managed to compile a small list to gently ease me back into sewing (and making decisions!):

1) BHL Anna Dress in Cherry Red

I really love the 1940's lines in the Anna dress, and after seeing so many amazing versions of this dress on the internet, I'm quite sure this is the first thing I'll be making.

I found the fabric for this on a recent trip to my favourite charity shop haunt and I'm planning to make the knee length version with a slash neckline. Although, I haven't decided whether to keep the sleek skirt or 50's it up with a full gathered skirt and pockets. Suggestions most welcome!

2) Sweet 1950's day dress in textured sky blue

I've had this lovely little 1950s pattern for a while now but could never decide on what fabric to use.  I found this length of textured sky blue mystery fabric on the same trip I found the cherry red fabric for my Anna dress and thought the two would make a simple but classic summer combo. I'll need to wear a slip under the dress as it is a little sheer with the textured lines in the fabric, but I am looking forward to finally making this pattern.

3) 1940's inspired tie front blouse in white with red polkadots

I may not use this 60s pattern for the blouse as I have another actual 40's pattern that I'm tossing up using instead. Both will require some pattern drafting to get the shape I want as well as the right amount of fabric at the bottom for the ties, but I am loving the little peter pan collar on this 60's version.

I am yet to find the fabric for this, but I'm thinking a little red polka dot cotton lawn will look quite lovely.

4) 1940's inspired peasant dress (View 3) in navy blue cotton

This is actually a 70s pattern that I found about a week ago hiding under the table of a little shop I had no idea existed (even after having lived in the area for some time just before we left for Sydney). I think it has a definite 40s vibe about it and looks like the perfect dress to throw on on a warm summers day.

On top of some mending I have to do on 2 vintage skirts I bought in Edinburgh, I am also hoping to make a 1940s slip or two (with a tutorial), a 1930s inspired silk camisole (also with a tutorial) and a few other bits and pieces that I haven't yet decided on.

I'm also about to begin the process of making my first experimental pattern, a simple and wearable 1940s inspired jersey top that is certainly going to test my pattern making skills (or lack there of if I'm completely honest!).

So, what do you guys currently have on your sewing lists? Have you ever suffered from TMPTMF Syndrome?

15 comments on "The Summer Sewing List..."
  1. This is a great list. I look forward to the blue sweet 1950s day dress and the peasant dress.

    I, too, suffer from TMPTMF. I also have indecisiveness and fear of cutting into fabric as well :(

    I wish you much success with your list!

  2. Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!
    I currently have quite the list (but Winter goodies for me) but they are all on hold until I can finish my Christmas makes! I can't wait to get back to selfish sewing!!

  3. It's funny seeing a summer list for those of us in the freezing cold, I look forward to sunny photos whilst I'm huddled up inside :) A red anna will be great, I might have to follow your lead there.

  4. I usually buy fabric with a pattern in mind (unless it's a total bargain) but ideas keep coming too fast for me to sew them, so... yes TMPTMF indeed! :D

  5. I can't wait to make the Anna dress. I want to do a full length version with the split. I think you'll look gorgeous in the red. I really like the slim skirt and I think it'll be perfect on you!

  6. I thought you were already planning your summer sewing just to realize summer is coming where you are...I love Anna, I think it will look great on you.

  7. Oh my gosh, I totally have TMPTMF syndrome! My sewing to-do list is pretty staggering right now-- I need to sit down and seriously prioritize what I want/need to get done before the holidays because as it stands I'm planning seven garments that need to be done before Christmas (in reality I'll be lucky to get two done!). I really hope you're able to get these done, though, because they're all really lovely!

  8. Confession, I also hate hemming. My brain seems to think the garment should be done already at that point.

    I often suffer from too many patterns. Or if the fitting gets complicated then I just want to start a new project.

    Good luck with your summer sewing list.

  9. Ooh I look forward to seeing these! I have bought most of the Indie patterns I want now. Funnily enough I'm not feeling overwhelmed by them. I'll sew them whenever. I'm doing the Sugar Plum at the moment!

  10. So fun to watch as you plan your summer sewing, while we here at the other side of the hemisphere are sewing for winter ... Oh, Lady ... I wish I was there now ... and sew summer clothes as beautiful as those in your list of projects ... Looking forward ...

  11. I have a huge list in my head of all the thighs is love to get done and waaaay too much fabric. I think I have that same syndrome :( listing and prioritising is on my to do list! Right after I reorganise my ever growing stash. NY resolution, no more fabric until I have made at least 10 garments!

  12. What beautiful pairings...I adore that 50s dress pattern and fabric combo. And I also love that you always deliver what you set out to, so I look forward to seeing each and every one of these makes. I also really look forward to your tutorials and your first pattern...yay!!!

  13. I have way too much fabric & projects / patterns. I think I've bought more fabric & patterns since having my son, than I have in the past few years. But I don't get much time for sewing, lots of fun stuff to choose from when I do get to sew :)

  14. Your plans are great! I really can't wait to see your Anna dress. I just got my Anna pattern in the mail, and am itching to sew it up. But first, there's pants (miles of fabric destroyed), a couple other dresses, skirts, and maybe some Christmas presents. Total disregard for reality at its finest.

  15. Really charming, wonderful selection of patterns. I'm especially drawn to the lovely 1950s day dress. I could see style being incredibly versatile for such a wide array of events and places one has on the agenda.

    Happy sewing!
    ♥ Jessica


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