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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm sure we all have collections of some sort, and when Casey put the word out about a little blog feature she was putting together of other people's collections, I couldn't resist putting my hand up to take part in the fun!

I have numerous collections, some are big and some are small, some I've been collecting for a while and others are new collections waiting to be added too. Here is just a small sample of some of my collections, I hope you enjoy...

Vintage dresses:
Collecting vintage dresses is really what got me started on this whole bloggy thing which means I treasure every single one. My first vintage dress is shown below, a light blue cotton summer dress. I have a few that need some minor adjustments before I can wear them, and there are lots that haven't quite made it onto the blog yet. Oops!

27th Jan 10 5

Collections 6

You can see me wearing some of my dresses on my flickr.

Vintage Home Journals:
I started collecting these about three years ago and I never really looked back! They are such sweet (if not a little sexist) reminders of a time gone by. Most of the magazines I have (some 30 or so I think) have come with the original patterns to make the garments on the front too.

Home Journal November 1st 1949

Jan 1st 1949

I have some scans from particular magazines on my flickr if you are interested in seeing the insides. More to come at later dates.

Vintage Patterns:
I have many many vintage patterns and I'm in the process of making the 40's peplum blouse and skirt set. I have a lot of dresses but am working on building up my blouse collection and I have a pant pattern on the way which I'm itching to try out for summer (but making pants does makes me nervous!).

Collections 2

Collections 1

Vintage Knitting Patterns:
I'm a novice knitter - I only just started knitting at the beginning of the year, and while I'm still working on the scarf I started at the same time, I'm sure I'll be making these patterns in no time! Well, fingers crossed anyway because I have several stacks of these patterns!

Collections 5

Collections 4

And that's it, just a tiny taste of some of my favourite collections. Make sure you check out Casey's blog for all the others taking part in the Cherished Collections Series.

18 comments on "Cherished Collections..."
  1. Oh, these are lovely. I wish I had a lovely vintage dres collection ... and could sew ... and could knit. *sigh* But I harm more than help when it comes to clothes.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  2. Really cute, have a got a similar collection going on, now adding antique pottery and fabrics to it! Love your pretty printed dresses:)

  3. ohhhh your vintage dress collection is just darling, I would love to see them all! x

  4. What a great collection! How wonderful that patterns come with the LHJ.
    Laurie...visiting from the blog tour

  5. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of your collections! I love any kind of vintage publications, especially magazines. The fashions, art, fonts, and especially the ads are so great. It's a little like time travel!

  6. What a beautiful dress and pattern collection. Just looking at the Ladies Home Journals are like time travel. thanks for sharing. Corinne

  7. I want the blue dress with the polkadot contrast collar! I'm definitely stealing that idea for a future sewing project. Great collection!

  8. WoW! This is such a lovely collection! I to collect sewing, knitting patterns and magazines from the early 1900s-to-the early 60s! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  9. Very nice collections. I love the vintage magazines.

  10. Your first dress looks lovely! And I'm so jealous of your collection of sewing pattern books! Wish I could find beautiful old references like that!

  11. Thanks for sharing your collections. I'm completely envious of the lovely, lovely dresses that you have in your vintage dress collection. Those are some great vintage knitting patterns you have. I'm a knitter too, and those have become one of my recent vintage collecting obsessions ;)

  12. I just found your blog from Casey's blog tour. I love knitting (and am pretty much a novice too) so I had to see if you had more pictures of your vintage knitting patterns. This is a fantastic collection and I am sure that you will make some sweet knits. If you are not already in ravlery - you should join that knitting site.

    Also, I will have to stop by your blog more, because like you I am trying to live gluten free. Since I only have a gluten intolerance - I am terrible at sticking with it. I would love to know any recipies that you recommend (especially desserts!)

  13. oh my goodness! what a lovely collection of dresses! I want to play dress up in your closet- how far is it to your house?

  14. precioso vestido

  15. I love your collections! Have just been catching up with reading your blog - hope you have been well :)

  16. Your dresses look so lovely! Although my wardrobe is stuffed, I can never find anything I actually like in it. Also, I'm so jealous of your vintage knitting book collection. Even the patterns on the covers look great!

  17. I collect vintage pattern books, too! They're so much fun to look at, and making things out of them is MAGIC.

  18. I was totally born in the wrong decade... I love these works of art. Thank you!


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