The Butchardt Gardens...

Saturday, July 16, 2011
On a Sunday, our last full day in Victoria before boarding the ferry for Vancouver the next day, David and I spent the afternoon in The Butchardt Gardens.

They are absolutely stunning and I would recommend anyone go there in a heartbeat (yes, it's a wee bit expensive but so so worth it!!). And hey look, an outfit post all at the same time...

Butchardt Gardens 20

Butchardt Gardens 21

Butchardt Gardens 22

This is a beautiful vintage dress that I had hanging in my closet for a little while - it was originally a terrible coffee colour that made me look sick when I wore it. I eventually got round to buying some navy blue dye because I really wanted to wear it. I didn't leave the dress in the dye bath for too long though because I was worred about the flowers dyeing out, but it turned out a beautiful blue-grey colour and the flowers look perfectly pretty against it.

Butchardt Gardens 1

Butchardt Gardens 2

Butchardt Gardens 3

Butchardt Gardens 4

Butchardt Gardens 5

Butchardt Gardens 6

Butchardt Gardens 8

Butchardt Gardens 9

Butchardt Gardens 12

Butchardt Gardens 11

Butchardt Gardens 13

Butchardt Gardens 15

Butchardt Gardens 16

Butchardt Gardens 17

Butchardt Gardens 18

Butchardt Gardens 19

Wish I was back there...

15 comments on "The Butchardt Gardens..."
  1. Your dress is are the gardens!

  2. wow, beautiful pictures! what an incredible place & your picture angles & focusing is splendid! love all the nature pictures & the one of you on the carousel horse & you two in the reflection are so cute! pretty dress too!

  3. Oh, how beautiful! I love the squirrel topiary :)

    Your dress looks marvellous!

  4. The gardens look beautiful and you have taken some amazing photos.

  5. This looks like such a lovely, beautiful place to visit and you have captured it perfectly in your photos! I also love the length of your dress, it's very ladylike and chic <3

  6. Wow! What a beautiful place!! Your dress is beautiful as well, and I never would have guessed you dyed it... I think it was just meant to be that color! :)

  7. What a gorgeous looking place! I really hope to go to Canada one day.

  8. The dress is beautiful and the garden is just enchanting.

  9. Lovely photos in a beautiful place, and you've pulled together the prettiest outfit! :--)

  10. You told me it was beautiful and I believed you, but your pictures have got me planning a trip immediately.

  11. What a beautiful spot! :) I love your dress too--and that you were brave enough to dye it! ;) (I always freak out and change my mind when I think about dying a vintage dress... hehe! I need to just get over it! ;)

  12. Your dress is gorgeous. i love the dye color! And nothing can beat that garden for beauty. I remember going there several times as a girl.

  13. The Japanese garden looks so cool. I love these shots and think that is a gorgeous outfit!

  14. Your dress is gorgeous. The gardens look beautiful and I like these shots.
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  15. This is a fantastic dyeing effort! I love the colour of the dress and it fits perfectly with the setting. LOVELY!


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