A New Start...

Monday, March 14, 2011
It's my last day of old work tomorrow - I start my new job this Monday and I'm feeling apprehensive, as most people do I'm sure (can I actually do the job I told them I could do?).

14th March 2011

It's always a little sad to leave a job - I'm lucky in that I can honestly say I've never really actually hated any job I've done before (well, there was that time I waitressed for a summer - but the payoff was that I loved my co-workers). I've always had great relationships with my work mates, and each person I've met and each thing I've experienced at all of my work places has taught me at least a little something about the world and how it works. My ultimate goal by way of employment is yet to be realised, but I'm very happy at the moment to be learning as much as I can from others while I slowly work towards it.

14th March 2011 3
O hai bow on the front AND the back...

14th March 2011 2

On different note, thank you for all of your get wells to Mocha. She is healing up very well and her little claw seems to have started growing back. We let her out this weekend, and while she didn't wander off too far, she was very happy and content to sit outside in the shade of the fence and watch the birds.

XX Jen

PS) There seem to be yet more disasters happening in the world - if you can, please donate to the Red Cross appeal for the earthquake in Japan.
16 comments on "A New Start..."
  1. The bows are so cute! J'adore!

  2. I love your dress, it's so sophisticated, and congratulations on the job!! Good luck tomorrow!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Looove that dress. Too cute!

    Kel xo

  4. I love the design on this dress. it is so spectacular!

  5. Good luck with your job! Hope it goes well xx

  6. Good luck with your new job! :) Love, love the dress you're wearing.

  7. This is so pretty! I love that dress.

  8. Loving the bows on your dress. Good luck with your new job. Hope your first day went well.

  9. Perfect dress. Lovely Blog x


  10. Good luck in your new job. They wouldn't have given it to you if they didn't think you can do it. Go get em!

  11. oh, I just love this look! Head to toe perfection!!!


  12. Don't be nervous, you will be fine! Can't wait to hear details about your first day. Good luck :)

  13. Super cute outfit!!! :)

    I am waiting for your shop to reopen this year!


  14. Congratulations on your new job! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  15. Lovely dress, the colour combination is fab, and the bow is very cute! Hope your new job is going well.


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