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Monday, March 21, 2011
1st September 1951

I had my first day at new work today, and I must admit the commute was slightly more stressful than I originally planned - mostly because of the torrential rain and because I was already running 10minutes late. I hate being late, and being late on your very first day of work is not a good thing! Our car is also very good at steaming up the windows when it's wet and muggy which meant I drove to work with the air con blasting and the windows down getting everything wet (including me).


But the day itself was fine - lots of things to remember (names, processes, systems etc) and I bet by the end of the week I'll be exhausted. So while I'm not feeling overly confident at this stage, I know that things will get easier (the torrential rain will stop!).

On a lighter note, I have scanned some images a few of my collection of Australian Home Journal magazines (of which I have a small collection spanning the late 40's to late 60's). These scans are from 1st September 1951 - I really love collecting these as the advertising alone is hilarious, but it's also such a lovely reminder of a time long past. I love reading the 'help' letters and looking at what was on the menu of the fashionable housewife (some of it however, is questionable...).

Note: To read any of the articles close up, click the images and it will take you to my flickr account where you can choose to see them in the biggest format.

1st September 1951 7

1st September 1951 5

1st September 1951 4

1st September 1951 3

All the magazines I own have come with their original free patterns advertised on the front cover and they all have knitting/crochet patterns inside for various jumpers, cardigans, childrens garments and blankets. I've also started collecting vintage knitting pattern books and just today recieved a beautiful pattern book from 1935 - but that's for another post.

1st September 1951 6

1st September 1951 2

Instructions for making your own easy wrap, and the ever present advertising for, erm, problems down there. These magazines seem to be rife with ads for constipation, so I guess all those 'dainties without eggs' weren't filled with enough fibre.

1st September 1951 8

I loved this little article on The Mystery of Perfume - Do you always wear perfume. If you haven't any, why not buy some, and make perfume an everyday habit; its a very glamorous idea. Don't just use the dab behind the ear routine; for long lasting fragrance soak a tiny piece of cotton wool in perfume, let it dry, then tuck it into your bra. The heat of your body will bring out the perfume.

Touch the stopper on the bend of your elbows, wrist, throat, temple and nape of your neck. Maybe a drop on your hankie but never on your clothes. It goes stale and may leave stains. Toilet water is now procurable and not so strong or expensive so it can be used more freely. A spray will make a little perfume go a long way.

Be sure and buy good perfume, it is cheaper in the long run. Light flower perfumes are better for summer. Heavier perfumes are better for winter and evening wear.

7 comments on "Happy Monday..."
  1. Congrats on the new job. I'm fascinated by vintage ads myself. They used so much copy and the sentiments are so dated, that they are entertaining. I love 'you can't spell romance without a "man"'.

  2. Oh dear! Hope the communte the rest of the week is easier!
    This American Life
    Wait Wait Don't tell me the NPR news quizz
    Radio Lab
    The Moth
    I also sometimes quite like ABC's Radio National 'Art Works'

  3. Some great outfits in those magazines, thanks for sharing them!

  4. Charming! I love these dresses and the aprons are fun too.
    I really like perfume...I don't wear in every day, but often : )

  5. I just wrote about a mag l bought recently from 1937 - great minds :) love the pictures of dresses, and the perfume tips. z

  6. I just wrote about a mag l bought recently from 1937 - great minds :) love the pictures of dresses, and the perfume tips. z

  7. Ah the good old steam up the car window trick... how fun in the rain.

    Glad to hear your new job is supplying you with tim tams ;)

    Was so nice seeing you on the weekend, btw!


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