Green Fingers...

Friday, October 1, 2010
25th September 2010 4

David and I have nearly finished getting the things we want for our wee courtyard garden - tomorrow it's off to the farmers market for strawberries to put in our hanging baskets and a lime tree.

After these photos were taken we headed to the garden centre up the hill from us and added two types of mint, two more tomato plants (called tumblin' toms) and planted two types of chilli and a parsley into the base around the lemon tree.

We no longer say we are going to sit in the courtyard any more, it's now become the garden and it really couldn't make us any happier. Also, our little plants have shot up over the past week due to the beautiful weather we have been having.

25th September 2010 2

25th September 2010

25th September 2010 3

For a long time now I have been thinking of dedicating a separate blog to gluten free cooking, gardening and ways to make your life a little greener. I had initially planned to use this blog as the format for that, but decided that I actually preferred to keep them separate. I am now working on the content for that blog and will probably launch it after the wedding. But, I'll tell more as we get closer :)

25th September 2010 6

25th September 2010 7

Have a fabulous long weekend all (and a fabulous normal weekend those elsewhere),

26 comments on "Green Fingers..."
  1. Your dress is beautiful, and so is your wee garden! Is that a bonsi tree I see on the shelf? We too have been trying to grow a pot garden, but we live near the top of a skyscraper and they keep dying...apparently there is a whole different set of rules for skyscraper gardening!

  2. Good luck with the tomatoes! I grew them in Sydney last year and every second day they were infested by a different bug. My advice is keep a close eye! I've given up on tomatoes this year and am concentrating on chillis and herbs!

  3. Oooh, is that a bonsai I see??? Knowing that you guys love gardens, if you're near Darling Harbour, do go and see the Chinese Garden. Well worth the $6!! =)

  4. love the dress.. you are so cute.. you sure suit this style of dress too! marvelous dahling, just marvelous!!

    I love gardening too... we just picked the last of our cherry tomatoes and they are sooo goood!!
    have a great weekend.

  5. Your dress is so gorgeous! I'm jealous of your little garden -- our apartment complex doesn't really have spot to do that. Maybe I can get some potted plants and bring them inside...:)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. golly sakes are those colors ever beautiful!

  7. Beautiful little garden area! I for one would love to read about ways to make your life greener! And anything about gardening, I just love, so I would definitely read. Also, I would love to hear more about being gluten free, and the benefits because I honestly haven't read up on anything yet, but know that many are making this change.

    I am taking a gardening class this quarter, so I hope to improve and soon have a pretty outdoor area too!

  8. You look lovely, and your little garden is adorable! The tiny bonsai tree is too cute! :D

  9. Hey Jen - the garden looks lovely! And the dress could inspire some spring cheer even on a stormy day like today. xx

  10. The dress is lovely! I like the colors. It feels like it is summer again!
    wood furniture

  11. 1) Your dress is lovely!
    2) I can't wait to read your green blog when it happens. I have a food/living blog that I do with my husband. It is fun.

  12. What an amazing dress and lovely courtyard garden! I had no idea you could grow strawberries on hanging planters.

  13. Ooh, I love your little garden! I wish I had room for one, too... And your pictures are so beautiful!
    I'm looking forward to your gluten-free and green living blog... :)

    BTW, you've been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award:
    Rules are to share 10 things about yourself and nominate 5 other bloggers for the award. :)

  14. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. No I don't live in Sydney. I live on the Gold Coast but I was born in Sydney that's why we go for the roosters. I wish I was in Sydney. If you ever come visit the Gold Coast make sure you let me know.

  15. The new blog project sounds cool - looking forward to it :)

  16. Hi, Jen!
    The dress is so adorable!
    Your garden is very nice!
    I'm trying to keep one but itbis not beautiful as yours.



  17. your dress is so beautiful!!!!!!! just love it :)

  18. very nice yard.

    <3 Kristin

  19. David's toes poking into the frame on that last photo made me giggle.

    Your garden is looking fantastic. I wish I had your dedication to gardening!

    P.S. Was nice seeing you last week. Hopefully we'll see each other at the Love Vintage fair... if not we'll make a date for something arouther and see if I can't round up some of my other girlfriends for a girly day.

  20. Your dress is so gorgeous, love the colours!
    I'd love read about gluten free cooking (I've recently cut out wheat and a lot of sugar from my diet and always need fresh ideas)

  21. Hi dear! Gosh, I haven't commented in so long, I thought I'd stop by and say hello. I love your outfit, the print on the dress is so lovely.


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