The Vielle Top - Free Gathered Sleeve Pattern + Tutorial

Monday, December 30, 2019

It's nearly the end of 2019 and as a little thank you for all of your support this year here's a little free pattern for you.

Add a delicately gathered sleeve — and another point of difference — to your Vielle Top! With this free Gathered Sleeve Cap pattern you'll take your Vielle from a simple everyday t-shirt to a dressy top in no time. 

Download your free pattern and follow the instructions below.

You'll need:

Make up your Vielle Top as per your included instructions until you get to the section called 'Inserting Sleeves' -
use the instructions below in place of these.


1. Take your main Vielle Sleeve pattern and draw a line straight across, meeting at the corners where the sleeve cap meets the length of the sleeve.

2. Take your free sleeve cap pattern, cut it out and right side facing up, line it up with the line you drew above.

3. Tape in place permanently onto your original sleeve. When you want a plain sleeve cap, simply fold that pattern piece down, and when you want a gathered sleeve cap, flip it back up again.

4. Take the new bodice shoulder patterns and match up the corners and bottom notches. Then either tape them permanently onto your original pattern piece, or simply transfer the additional notches (D & E) onto your main pattern piece. 

The curves of the bodice armscye do not change, so transferring the additional notches is fine.

5. Place a line of basting stitch within the 1cm seam allowance, around the sleeve cap from notches D to E, leaving long tails (you may wish to do a second line of backing stitch for extra security).

Pull basting stitch tails through to the wrong side.

6. Right sides together, match the top sleeve head notch to your shoulder seam, pin in place. Match remaining notches along the armscye (including corresponding notches D & E noted on the pattern pieces).

7. Gently pull basting stitches on the sleeve cap until the sleeve fits into the armscye. Distribute gathers evenly between notches D & E and pin in place. 

8. Stitch in place starting from one side all the way around. Do this slowly and gently, without stretching the armhole.

9. Trim off excess seam allowance around armscye, finish raw edges and repeat for the other side.

10. Continue making your Vielle Top as per your included instructions.

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