The Final Countdown...get your paper Sorrel, Pippi & Juniper patterns!

Friday, November 30, 2018

It's nearly at an end! There is less than a day until my paper pattern campaign finishes and the real work starts.

If you've had your eye on the paper Sorrel Dress (or Pippi Pinafore & Juniper Cardigan), now's the time to jump on over to the campaign page and pledge your support.

By pledging now, you'll get your paper patterns at the special campaign price - they'll retail for $18 USD once released in mid-2019 (you're getting them for approximately $14 USD) and you'll also have them before anyone else. The goal is to start sending them mid-March next year, but they won't be available to the public until the middle of 2019.

Pippi Pinafore & Juniper Cardigan Paper Patterns
Now Available!

Maybe Sorrel isn't your thing, but did you know the campaign was so successful that I added Pippi and Juniper paper patterns into the print run?

You can order your paper Pippi and/or Juniper through the campaign page for the special campaign price and get your patterns sent to you before anyone else. Simply scroll down to find the relevant reward on the pledge page.

Adding additional Rewards to your original pledge...

If you've already pledged but would like to add extra rewards, you'll need to update your total to reflect any extra rewards you'd like to add. Once the campaign has finished, I'll send you a survey and you can let me know all of the additional rewards you pledged for, plus any additional shipping if required.

For example, if you want a Sorrel Dress pattern set with mini scissors, plus a paper Pippi Pinafore, simply add the Sorrel reward set to your pledge and add on an additional $20 NZD for the paper Pippi pattern.

If you're pledging for 3+ paper patterns, please add an additional $7 NZD worldwide shipping (or $5 within NZ).

If you're confused about anything or would like an exact amount that you need to pledge for additional rewards, please just send me an email or a message through Kickstarter (you might want to do that soon because I'll probably be asleep in the last hours of the campaign closing).

Let's do this!!

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