How To: Flat-felled Seams, An Ivy Pinafore Tutorial

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I love flat-felled seams. They're strong and sturdy and are great for seams that require a less-bulky finish when using medium/heavy-weight fabrics. You can make them a feature by using a contrast thread, or have them blend into the background with a matching thread.

The Ivy Pinafore has flat-felled seams down the centre front and centre back where the pattern pieces are joined. In this tutorial, I'll be taking you through how easy they are to make.

Note - The steps in this tutorial are referring to the Ivy Pinafore specifically, but it is the same technique no matter what you're using a flat-felled seam for.

You'll Need -

Steps -

1. Wrong sides together, stitch your centre seam closed, back tacking at both ends. Press seam open.

2. Trim down one of the seam allowances to less than half its width.

3. Fold the remaining seam allowance down and then fold in half, tucking the raw edge under. Press.

4. Secure with a line of top stitching 3mm or 1/4" away from the folded edge.

Yeah, that was easy peasy right? Repeat the same steps for the centre back seam and you'll be away laughing!

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1 comment on "How To: Flat-felled Seams, An Ivy Pinafore Tutorial"
  1. Love Love the texture and denim. Looking forward to create one of my own with sme denim fabric from Moodfabrics.


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