Bronte Top Sew-A-Long - Side Seams & Hemming

Monday, July 14, 2014

We're nearly there! Today we are sewing up the side seams of our Bronte tops and finishing up the hems...

1. Right sides together, match the under arm sleeve seams, lining up raw edges, so that once your Bronte top is turned out the right way, you'll have nicely matching sleeve seams. Pin in place.

2. Pin the rest of your side seam together and stitch in place starting from one end all the way to the other. Repeat for the other side.

3. If you're making the long sleeve version or opted not to sew your short sleeve hem before you sewed your sleeve in place, turn up your hems twice, press and pin in place. You may want to try on your long sleeved version to make sure the sleeve is ending where you'd like it too. Make any adjustments at this stage.

4. Stitch in place and press your final seam. Repeat the same steps for the other sleeve and bottom hem of your Bronte top.

5. If you chose to stitch your short sleeve hem prior to inserting your sleeve, you'll have a little seam allowance where you stitched your sides together. Pin this allowance down toward the back and tack down to secure in place using either your sewing machine or a few hand stitches.

Next up we're going to be finishing up our neckline and then we're finished!!

If you're sewing along or have made a Bronte top (or an Afternoon Blouse) why not put your finished garment into the Flickr pool? I'd love to showcase a few of your creations sometime next week.

5 comments on "Bronte Top Sew-A-Long - Side Seams & Hemming"
  1. Mine is on hold due to the school holidays and the Tour de Fleece; my fabric is chosen and prewashed though so I'm partway there!

    1. Yay! What kind of fabric are you using? Can't wait to have a peek :)

    2. I've got 2 floral prints and some red merino

  2. love this pattern so much. everyone's versions are amazing.


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