Vintage Pretties - London

Sunday, November 11, 2012
V&A 7
1950s polkadot ball gown - I love this dress!

I took these photos at the V & A in London. They had a ball gown exhibition happening when I went (and I see they have a costume exhibition coming! I wish I lived a little closer to London...) and while I wasn’t allowed to take any photos in that area, they had a great little pre-exhibition set up where photos were allowed.

V&A 1
V&A 2
V&A 3
The inside of the bust of a couture Christian Dior gown...

V&A 5
V&A 6
V&A 8
Suits by Balenciaga - including a miniature day dress, cute!

V&A 9
Christian Dior miniature day dress

Don't you love the miniature dresses? Couture houses made these as mock ups before they would actually make dress in full size.

I hope your weekend is going well - I have baking, cooking dinner and sewing on the agenda!

7 comments on "Vintage Pretties - London"
  1. Lovely, I spent a bit of time at the V&A when living in London, miss that place.

  2. LOOOVE your blogs new look! So pretty :)


  3. Look See - I miss it too, especially when I see some of the great exhibitions coming up!

    Summer - Thank you!! I have a post about the new layout coming soon :)

  4. I went to see this a few weeks ago too, your pictures turned out so much better than mine though! The polka dot dress is also my favourite with all the ruffles at the back.

  5. Oh, you lucky, lucky girl!

    And I believe I had the pleasure of seeing that floral Balenciaga dress in the first photo when it came to San Francisco.

    I love when they show the insides of couture!

  6. These are gorgeous!

  7. Everything is so, so splendidly gorgeous! I don't think there's a single frock here that I wouldn't wear with a gleeful smile on face (the stunning strapless floral number is my very fave).

    ♥ Jessica


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