Paris or London Anyone?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've had the great pleasure of meeting some lovely people through my blog and this year is hopefully  no exception!  I'm heading to Paris and London in just a few weeks time and was wondering if there was anyone out there that would like to meet up and talk sewing, vintage and fun things like that (and possibly take me to your amazing secret fabric/vintage/thrift shops - promise I won't tell!)

I'll have much more time in Paris to catch up with people, so if you are in Paris, near Paris or feel like jumping on the train to come and meet me in Paris, please let me know!

And if you have any recommendations of places to go or people to see, please also feel free to let me know, I'd really appreciate it :)

Look forward to meeting you,

13 comments on "Paris or London Anyone?"
  1. Hi Jen,
    I'm living near Paris and would love to meet you !

  2. When abouts will you be in London?

  3. Oh, this is so unfair, roughly a year ago I would have been in Paris as I spent 9 months there :( I wish you good trip!

  4. Hi Jen, Im close to London so we can meet up. email me houseofpinheiro (at) hotmail (dot0 com

  5. Well since I am here - I am not much help in the meet-ups department.

    But I just found out there is a Moreau Museum in Paris that I have never been to - my students tell me it is amazing!

  6. Im heading to London and Paris later in the year would love to hear any tips/tricks places to go! xx

  7. Im going to Paris and London later in the year, would love to hear any tips/tricks places to go! xx

  8. Have a wonderful trip! I'm more than a bit jealous - I can't begin to imagine when I'll next get the chance to visit Paris and London again!

  9. I'd love to meet up. It's always so much fun meeting fellow stitchers!

    My email address is mujerboricua at yahoo dot com.

  10. Hope you have a wonderful time! xx

  11. I suggest you visit La Droguerie!
    It's great shop with lots of trims/ribbons/beads/buttons and yarn.

  12. I don't know if it's too late or not to answer you. I saw your post on WeSewRetro. I live not very far from Paris and work there. I'd love to meet-up if our schedules match!
    I know fabrics shops, but sadly I don't really know of good vintage/thifts shops.

    My email: lholy_chan [at] yahoo [dot] fr


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