Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello, My Name is Jen...

18th September 2010

I've met some amazing ladies through my blog in Sydney, but I've still found it really difficult to make other friends here. Don't get me wrong, I consider all of these bloggy ladies to be friends but I also understand that they are already settled here - they have their own friends and family, their own routines and are busy enough as it is, and I don't expect anymore than what they have already done for me.

18th September 2010 2

Anyway, I was feeling particularly friendless the other day (yes I know, woe is me and all that) when I realised that I was going about this whole 'finding friends' business completely the wrong way and that I really needed to change my view on it. So I came to the spectacular realisation that I need to start finding people who are in the same boat as me - people who are also new in town and who are looking for friends. After all, Sydney has a population of over 4 million, there must be some people in the same boat right?

So, while perusing ye olde interwebz I found something very interesting that I now plan to attend.
It's called speed friending, a bit like speed dating but for finding friends - I know, I took some convincing myself too, but decided to hell with it, it's probably worth a shot.

18th September 2010 4

18th September 2010 5

Once a month, a group of ladies-only get together for the sole reason of finding friends. You sit down with them one by one with all their names on a sheet of paper and after each person you meet you put a 'yes' next to their name if you might want to see them again. Then, a few days later, you get emailed the contact details of the ladies you said yes to, and who said yes back to you, and if you want to, you can get in contact with them.

Sounds a little cheesy I know, but I'll give anything a go right now. I've missed out on tickets for the September round but plan to buy my ticket for the October round (and that way I'll have a bit more time to let it sink in what I'm actually planning to do - I'm shy people!! and what on earth happens to my confidence if no one wants to see me again?).

So this is my plan and anyone female, friendless and living Sydneyside is more than welcome to join me :)


'A relationship is a connection, an association, or an involvement with someone else. This can be male or female, but for a woman, a friendship with another woman is not a luxury but a necessity.'

A line I read in an article the other day, and goodness me, how true it is!
Wish me luck.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Summer Garden...

Last weekend David and I started planting our summer garden.

11th September 2010 2

Garden 1

We are mighty excited at the prospect of growing our own tomatoes - of which we bought two, a basil and some potted colour for the other end of the planter we picked up when we first arrived (it has cat grass living in the other end, of which both the cats LOVE). I tried having a tomato plant in Dunedin last year, but it was too cold without a glass house and the morning we left Dunedin, we ate the three piddly little tomatoes that were semi ripe and left 2 still unripened on the vine at David's dads house.

Garden 2

11th September 2010 6

11th September 2010 7

Garden 4

This weekend we added to our garden some lettuce, celery and herb seedlings, two more tomato plants and a lemon tree. I also wanted to buy a kumquat tree just because it was awesome, a pomegranate tree for the same reason, and a feijoa tree because YUM! But alas, being renters and having only a small courtyard means getting only what is useful and what can be grown in pots - photos to come soon.

11th September 2010 5

Garden 3
David is mowing the lawn, it takes a really long time as I'm sure you can see...

11th September 2010 3

11th September 2010

Garden 5
Monty's favourite spot, especially when it's sunny, which is is most of the time.

Monty also got his first wasp sting, the poor little guy. It took us a while to find the sting in his paw (and he was NOT happy with us trying to find it) but we got it out, with just a little yelp from Monty before he was on his way like nothing had ever happened.

Garden 6


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pin Curls...

5th September 2010 6

Goodness, my blogging really has become rather sporadic of late! Not that you all mind of course though I'm sure. I'm going to try and become one of those bloggers who doesn't apologise for life getting in the way of blogging. It is more important, after all, to live a bit rather than document every single thing on time and in order and I'm sure that none of you dislike me for it - in fact, its probably one less blog you need to worry about reading (which is always a good thing if you are like me and currently have over 800 posts sitting in your google reader waiting to be read!).

And also, strange but true, I seem to acquire more readers when I don't blog, go figure...

5th September 2010 3

5th September 2010 4

5th September 2010

I had a fabulous weekend this past weekend, but first, the results of my first set of pin curls. I need longer hair, I'm working on that, but I don't think they turned out half bad.

In terms of life - the wedding is fast approaching, much faster than I thought it would, eep!! And I'm in the middle of making some big decisions in terms of my career, but nothing is set in stone and I'm happy to wait it out for the mean time.



Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Lies Beneath...

My very first set of pin curls of course!!!

I will take photos of the end product tomorrow (I'm going to leave them in all day and all night). Fingers crossed they turn out because my left arm really really hurt at the end!

4th September 2010 8

4th September 2010

4th September 2010 6

Wow, I've been MIA for two weeks. But sometimes its good to take a break every now and then don't you think?

Last weekend David and I were lucky enough to see Joss Whedon at the Sydney Opera House, we are both Buffy nerds from high school (but were yet to even know each other then) and are also part of the 'Bring Back Fire Fly' club. He mentioned would never get over Fire Fly being cancelled because there were so many stories to tell - awww...

We are now planning our Buffy watching marathon and are in the process of getting Doll House as we've both never seen it.

4th September 2010 5

4th September 2010 4

4th September 2010 7

4th September 2010 2

Right, enough nerd stuff, here is my best impersonation of Rosie the Riveter - watch out ya'll...

Rosie 1

Rosie 2

xx Jen