Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With a Hat on Her Head...

I got this lovely little straw cloche yesterday, and its my new favourite thing. I think it will be the perfect hat for wearing around in the Sydney sun.

27th Jan 10 5

27th Jan 10

I'm not normally a hat person, as having fine curly hair means it goes flat really really easily, especially when you put a hat on it. But I think this hat is beautiful, and I've been searching for a straw hat for a while now - and it actually suits me, go figure!

I'm quite sure you'll see it here often in the next few months, along with those shoes - are you sick of them yet?

27th Jan 10 3

27th Jan 10 6

The dress is one of my very first vintage dresses. Its rather delicate, so I don't wear it too often, and I need to do some repair work around the zip, but I do love it so.

27th Jan 10 7

27th Jan 10 8

I've not done much of note except cleaned, gotten rid of lots of stuff we don't need and had a mole map (which was an interesting experience to say the least. I've been meaning to get one for a while now, as I pretty much am a mole/freckle).

Off to more things that don't really need to be noted,


Monday, January 25, 2010

Jen for Cotton (Kinda...)

I was perusing the inter-web the other day, as one does, and came across this image of Zooey Deschanel - its part of a series advertising cotton clothing.

I loved this outfit as soon as I saw it and thought it would be really easy to recreate. So I did (though, my entire outfit is not made from cotton, sorry!).

25th Jan Bike2

25th Jan 10 bike
(Thanks for the photos Hun)

Its simple, easy and really comfy for packing purposes (but you'll need to excuse the wrinkles in my shorts, I sit down from time to time and that's what happens!).

There's also a t.v ad that went along with the print campaign, and while all the outfits are really cute and probably quite easy to recreate, the song (which she sings) is a little cheesy.

25th Jan 10 3

25th Jan 10

25th Jan 10 2

This week involves more packing - we move to David's Dads on Friday, Mocha gets sent up to Auckland Saturday morning, and that afternoon we have a wedding to attend and then Sunday is our house inspection.

Phew, its all go!

25th Jan 10 detail2


David is home early (due in part, to a creepy man who came to pick up our washing machine that he bought off us. I didn't feel like being home by myself.) and now we are off to drop more things at his dads place for storage and then we are going to get ice cream.

While its not completely warm, its sunny, so therefore we should get ice cream!


PS) Thanks so much for all of your moving well wishes. I've been terrible about replying to comments but hope to catch up next week!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I feel, poufy! I'm wearing a crinoline for the first time that I bought last week and I feel like I should be flouncing about the place. Why didn't I get one sooner? Its so much fun!

23rd Jan 10

23rd Jan 10 3

My last day at work was Thursday (although officially my last day was Friday). It was surreal and really didn't feel much like my last day, except that when I went into my office, I didn't have a desk to sit at. Luckily, the day was filled with meetings and eating so I wasn't in the office much.

My going away morning tea was lovely, we held it outside as it was beautiful, sunny and warm despite the forecast predicting rain.

Lethal Gluten Free chocolate cake! It originally said 'We will miss you Jen' now it just says 'Miss Jen'

As my leaving present, I was given a lovely set of pearls which I had actually bought myself! When you work in events, you become terribly practical and I knew the others in the office wouldn't have time to go out and buy a gift (the first and biggest event of the year is fast approaching). So, as I still had my work credit card, I offered to buy it for them. Armed with an amount I was allowed to spend, off I went.

I initially thought I'd buy a watch, but I'm quite picky when it comes to those things and nothing took my fancy. I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted when, pearls magically popped into my head - I've wanted some real ones for a long time. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful strand of fresh water pearls that happened to be 20% off which meant I could also get some pearl studs as well. I love them! They are beautiful.

23rd Jan 10 face
I am wearing my earrings, but you can't see them because my hair is in the way!

I made sure I didn't say any good byes, only 'see you laters', as I plan to go back the day before we leave Dunedin and do all of that. There was no reason to say good bye just then...

Now we only have one more week in this house and its looking decidedly empty, which is a good thing, but also a little sad.

I'm going to pop off and enjoy the afternoon now as its become warm and sunny,

Have a lovely weekend all,


23rd Jan 10 crinoline

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Summer Rain...

Hello Readers,

This is the worst summer I think I've ever experienced! Its all grey days filled with cold, wind and rain. I'm so glad that we'll get the end bits of a nice warm Sydney summer, although, I think February is the hottest month over there. Oh well, I'll try my very hardest not to complain - right now I could do with a little sun and warmth, I haven't had the chance to thaw out from winter yet!

20th Jan 10 3

It would seem the Green Living and Gluten Free sections would be welcomed by many of you, which is awesome! I'll have lots of time to plan those posts in two weeks time once we've moved out of this house and into David's Dads place. We are there for a week and everything should be well and truly sorted by then. So that also means lots of time for outfit posts in the lovely garden (provided it isn't raining the whole time).

20th Jan 10 4

Today is a lazy day packing things up, aka - just moving things around. That's all it seems I am actually achieving! But tonight I'm looking forward to going out for dinner with my (soon to not be) events team.

My day tomorrow will be filled with meetings and eating (9.30am coffee meeting, 11am my goodbye morning tea, 1pm my exit interview over lunch, 3.30pm another coffee meeting) and then Friday is my last official day. I'll have to hand back my cell phone, my work credit card and my keys - sad face!

20th Jan 10 2

20th Jan 10

I am quite enjoying my outfit today, in all its casual glory - its sort of 40's, but with a modern twist. I think its the little sweater with its little puff sleeves. I bought it last year around this time and forgot all about it. I don't really tend to wear much brown, but I think its finding its way surreptitiously into my wardrobe.

Any way must be off, there is more stuff that needs to be moved around!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Vets, Kittys and Going Green...

Its grey and rainy today but its supposed to clear up - personally, I think its getting worse, but what would I know, I'm not a weather man or lady!

So I have had to revert back to my trusty wall for outfit shots.

18th Jan 10 2Align Center

This morning I took Mocha to the vet. She has now been vaccinated and wormed and is a little more traumatised than she was when we left. The ride home always seems to be much quieter though, I think the drugs must kick in and she gets a little high.

18th Jan 10 3

There were two boxes of kittens in the reception when we came out and a little adult cat sitting in a cage with a note saying 'Free to a good home'. As I waited for the receptionist to get off the phone, I seriously considered taking it home with me and would have if we were staying here.

But after doing the sums in my head of sending another cat over to Australia, I just don't think we could afford it. Plus, it wouldn't be fair on the poor little kitty - he would get home and be here for two weeks before being put on a plane, staying in a cattery for a month and then being sent over to Sydney. It wouldn't be enough time for him to get to know us and Mocha (and Mocha to get to know to him). So, I sadly left the little kitty there. I really hope he finds a good home soon, he deserves to be roaming around outside, not stuck in a cage.

18th Jan 10 4

In other news though, David and I are going to adopt another kitty when we get to Sydney! This makes me happy - we are more than capable of giving another kitty a good home, so why wouldn't we? I plan to have more cats roaming around when we have our own home some day too.

18th Jan 10 5

Any way, must head off. I have things to pack up for the post and I should really start sorting out things to pack, that is my job for the next few weeks after all.


Ps) I had an idea on the weekend - I'm going to start up a regular 'living green' feature on my blog as well as the 'living gluten free' feature. I've realised that I am actually rather passionate about the subject and would like to share my experiences and the things that I discover with you all.

While this is still going to be primarily a fashion blog, I would like to flesh out my ramblings a bit with something more substancial that may help a few people out along the way.

I would like to experiment with the different products, ideas and ways that we can go greener in our everyday lives and report back on my findings. And, if you are already living greener and have tips and tricks to share, I would love to hear about them and feature a few guest posts on my blog - so if you are interested, let me know, I'd love to have you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yellow Frocks...

Hello Readers,

I didn't mean for my return my to work to mean that I wouldn't do outfit posts, but that's what seemed to happen for some reason. Thankfully, last week was my last real week at my current job (although, I am still on call this week, checking emails and I also have meetings to attend on Thursday).

16th Jan 10 5
Align Center

We leave this house in two weeks time and I will be spending those weeks packing and running errands as we prepare to leave for Sydney.

16th Jan 10 3

I'm sure these two weeks will zoom by, but hopefully I'll have more time to squeeze in outfit shots during the day. I think my one issue with doing outfit shots while I'm working is that I either have to take them before I leave for work or at the end of the day after work, and I don't really feel like doing either!

16th Jan 10 2

Today was filled with gluten free pancakes with fresh fruit and yogurt and running errands. Its also not quite warm enough today to wear this lovely little vintage frock without a cardigan, but the sun seems to be trying. So thanks sun!

16th Jan 10 4

16th Jan 10 6

I hope to do my first Gluten Free post next week, so keep an eye out.



shoes 1

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Pretty Green Dress...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and congratulations on David's and my engagement, its very exciting. In fact, I got really excited when some one told me I would be a bride. Oh yes, I'm going to be a bride!! The little girl in me is loving it!

8th Jan 10 4

I did have to take my engagement ring into the jewelers today though because it was a bit big (I have ridiculously teeny fingers!) and won't have it back until Monday afternoon (sad face!). I was tempted to just let the ring be too big because I didn't want to take it off. But, it will be gracing my finger again on Monday.

8th Jan 10 3
Me? Shamelessly showing off my ring? Never!

I actually took these pictures a few days ago, I am not wearing a dress today. Its freezing and rainy and horrible outside and I had my very first urge for the next few weeks to hurry up and happen already so that we can leave for Sydney, where they actually get a summer.

The dress is vintage and the shoes, oh the shoes. Best thrift find ever! These are leather and were brand new in the box (they still had the paper stuffing in them), and the price on the box said $199 and I paid next to nothing for them!

8th Jan 10 1

Its back to work on Monday for my last two weeks - I am thinking about cutting it down to a week and a bit though as we only have three more weeks left in this house and I feel we'll need more than a week to sort everything out.

I've been making feeble attempts to pack (and have managed to pack three boxes of books) but there is so much to do and so little time.

8th Jan 10 2

I can feel the stress creeping up - its not here yet, but it is chilling in the background, biding it's time...


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Long Engagement....

Engagement 5

David and I are engaged!

Officially as of the 1st January 2010, however I was lucky enough to get two proposals...

The first was in Naseby, with a ring fashioned by the man himself, out of grass because he didn't want to buy a ring that I wouldn't like. I, of course, said yes! Unfortunately, that ring got misplaced as we were packing up to leave and I didn't manage to get a photo of it (sad face!).

The next day, a ring was bought and then promptly hidden so that he could surprise me and propose again with a real ring.

And so, last night, when he got home, he made me close my eyes as he sprinkled a rose petal path up the stairs. He then told me to follow the path to where he was waiting on bended knee with a single white rose and the ring. I may have teared up a little at this point but managed to hold it back (what can I say, I'm a sook!).

And I said yes (again!).

I've been bursting to tell you all since New Years day, but we needed to tell our close family and friends first (some of them read my blog, and probably wouldn't be impressed about finding out that way!).

We haven't set a date yet, but it will be next year either at the start or the end of the year. It all really depends on how settled we are in Sydney and whether we've managed to save enough money for a small intimate affair.

We've already decided on what the invitations will look like, but I'll start sharing that all with you as soon as we pick a date and start to plan. Also, just a warning, this may turn into somewhat of a wedding blog when we do decide on a date - but with vintage fashion thrown in as well of course!



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009...

Happy New Year!!!

I've read on many blogs that most of you are glad that 2009 is finally over, and I must admit, I'm in the same boat.

3rd Jan 2010 5
My Christmas dress from David

While I'm not one to air my dirty laundry on my blog (I do prefer to keep it as positive as possible), 2009 has had its fair share of downs.

It has been a tough year in terms of some of the things that have happened and the experiences that I've had to deal with. And while I am actually grateful for these things, as they have certainly helped shape the person I am today, I can't say that I would like to experience them again any time soon.

All I can say is that I am very thankful to my friends, family and colleagues who supported and helped me along, I really don't know what I would have done without them.

3rd Jan 2010 10

But 2009 wasn't all bad -
1) I was promoted and became the events manager and I'm really proud of my achievements during that time
2) I opened my Etsy shop
3) I was a vintage queen
5) I had my first ever interview with the lovely Casey
6) I cut all my hair off and let it go curly, like it wants to
7) David and I found out that he had been awarded a PHD scholarship to Sydney University

3rd Jan 2010 8

2010 is going to be a huge year of change for David and I. We are leaving Dunedin in February, the city I have lived in for the past 6 years (and David, his whole life) to move to Australia. The countdown is on...

3rd Jan 2010 1

In terms of resolutions, one thing I would like to work on, especially moving to a new city where we don't really know anyone, is to get over my shyness. While you probably wouldn't guess it, I am a really shy person and it takes me a while to get comfortable with people. I am good at hiding it most of the time, but it does stop me from doing things that I might do otherwise.

Other things I'd like to do this year are:
1) I hope to get to know some of my fellow fashion bloggers living in Sydney and have a wonderful circle of close friends in the city
2) I would really like to join a book club
3) Have more dinner parties
4) Start a regular 'living gluten free' section on my blog and have guest posts from people in the same boat (so if you are gluten free and would like to share your experiences, please let me know.)

So, good bye 2009 and hello to 2010 and new beginnings!


PS) I am having a big sale at my shop right now - all stock must go! I don't really want to take it with me to Oz, so take a peep. Also, feel free to make me an offer if there is something there you like :)

3rd Jan 2010 6