Friday, November 27, 2009

Not So Victorian...

Hello Hello,

I know, this post was supposed to go up on Wednesday wasn't it?

These pictures were taken on Sunday in the Oamaru public gardens, it was a beautiful day and the park was essentially empty so we had fun taking photos in lots of different places.

27th November 09 5

As you can see, my dress really isn't Victorian in the slightest - oh well. Once I take those sleeves in a bit and the dress up a bit, I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it otherwise.

27th November 09 2

27th November 09 7

27th November 09 6

27th November 09 1

27th November 09 9

27th November 09 8
I feel a little like Wendy with the Lost Boys here...

David and I have had the first bit of fantastic news on the 'whats happening next year' front. But I'm going to tease you and keep it to myself until we have heard more, the first bit of news hasn't really sunk in yet. But fingers crossed, baited breath and all that...

Edited to add - Tehee, no, its not a baby! Sorry, I forget that sometimes I get new people reading my blog (hello to you out there!). David and I are waiting to see whether we are off to greener pastures next year in terms of him getting a phd scholarship. And, as I said, we have had the first bit of good news back regarding this. Yay...

27th November 09 3


PS) Happy Thanks Giving to those in the US

Monday, November 23, 2009

Full Steam Ahead...

Hello Everyone,

Again, I have to apologise for my lack of posting - all I can say is that I'm feeling a little restless, a little bored and a little bit like I want things to hurry up.

Things like Summer to actually get here (this week is the last week of Spring), holidays (four weeks to go!!), my last day of work (22nd January), David handing in his masters (this Friday, so no seeing David this week unfortunately), finding out if David has been awarded a PHD shcolarship (in a few weeks time hopefully), and just other general little bits and pieces.

23rd November 09 7
The Victorian steam train ticket man in the background let me take a photo with his hat on, only, I was blinking in the photo so it doesn't look very good. Oh well...

23rd November 09 4

But enough of that and onto the weekend spent at the Victorian Heritage festival in Oamaru. Saturday morning we left Dunedin, and it was lovely and hot and the perfect weather for driving. We got to Oamaru, and watched the Victorian parade with yet again, beautiful hot weather. Then, all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, a naughty little southerly swooped in off the ocean and it was freezing!!

We did manage to go for a ride on the steam train though!

23rd November 09 8

23rd November 09 3

23rd November 09 2

23rd November 09 5

23rd November 09 6
Photos by David.

I'll post about the Victorian Fete and my not so Victorian costume on Wednesday,


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Little Towns...

Hi everyone,

Sorry the posts have been few and far between lately, I've been a bit busy making Etsy custom orders while also trying to make a few new things to put up in the shop - that part isn't going so well, but I hope to have some new things up in about two weeks (I feel like I say that all the time!).

17th November 09

The weekend just passed, David and I took a day trip to Oamaru - NZ's Victorian town. Its a sweet little place that we've only ever driven through on the way to Christchurch. There was supposed to be an amazing garage sale there that actually turned out to be only around 10 stalls, and that's being generous!

So after that little flop, we headed over to the old precint and I'm so glad we did. There is one amazing vintage shop there, owned by a very victorian-esque chap who makes custom victorian mens wear on a very victorian-esq black singer sewing machine (the kind that comes attached to a table). I managed to pick up two vintage dresses for a steal, and while I tried on said dresses, David got chatting with the man and walked away extremely tempted to buy a custom made, wool victorian suit. The one that was on display was beautiful and if it had fit David, I think we would have bought it.

17th November 09 2

As luck would have it, we are back in Oamaru this weekend for the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Festival. And while I own nothing of the sort that could even pass as victorian, one of the dresses I bought could pass for the Regency period, which is about 100years to early. Oh well, I wonder if anyone will notice I'm 100 years out of date with my dress?

Once that's over, I plan to make the sleeves less puffy (they are incredibly puffy) and shorten it a bit to make it more 20th century!

The outfit I am wearing today is inspired by Solanah - she called it a Spring outfit, and since I'm in a Spring cold snap, I made my own version. The pants are by Tara Starlet - I've been wanting some since the start of the year when I read about them on several other blogs. I bought two pairs and am still deciding on whether to buy some of their shorts too...

This pair fit me perfectly around the wasit, but were really baggy around my hips. Luckily I'm a bit okay on a sewing machine and have since put this right!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here is the second set of pictures from Naseby of me on my vintage bike.

11th November 09 3

There are a few lessons I learnt that day:

1) Don't wear a long-ish dress while cycling. It means you need to pull it up right past your knees so you can cycle comfortably and the person taking the photos needs to make sure they don't take, ahem, inappropriate ones.

2) Wear proper shoes.

3) Understand whether your bike is a road bike or a mountain bike. I discovered that mine is a road bike, and even cycling along the race was a smidge difficult because of all the stones and holes I had to avoid. Unfortunately, one such hole jumped out at me and got me which meant I toppled off my bike and nearly tumbled down the side of a slope before I caught myself. The dress and the bike were unharmed, my stockings, however, were unable to be saved.

11th November 09 5

11th November 09 2

And for those of you wondering - why, yes I am a safety concious rider. Helmets on stat!

11th November 09 6

11th November 09 7

11th November 09 8

11th November 09 4


Monday, November 9, 2009

The Teeny Tiny Town of Naseby...

Hello Everyone,

I am back from an incredibly lovely weekend. It was hot and sunny and David and I spent the time reading, eating, walking, biking and taking photos.

9th November 09 3
Indeed it is 2000ft, above worry level!

I wasn't sure which set of photos to post first - David took photos of me riding my bike on Saturday but then on Sunday morning we went for a nice long walk and took photos around the town. I thought I'd maybe show you the 'town' photos first so you can get a taste of teeny, tiny Naseby.

9th November 09 6
There were about four different vintage cars on the side of the main road. I was eyeing them up for a photo but David and I were afraid people would see us. This one was around the corner, so a little less conspicuous, and it sort of matched my outfit, so we took a quick snap. I can now cross off 'having my photo taken next to a vintage car' from my list of things to do...

There are around 100 people that permanently live in Naseby, the rest are just holiday homes. Its crazy to think that Naseby gets packed over the summer time, especially when this time around, there was no one there except a few people popping into the shop for the paper, or walking the dog.

9th November 09 7
When David and I settle down somewhere and have our own garden, I am determined to find a red phone booth for it! I've wanted one since forever! Working phone optional.

Naseby was primarily a gold mining settlement - for those of you unfimiliar with NZ, the Otago region (where I live) was the gold mining region, and lots of people came from all over the world to make their fortunes. Or not in some cases...

9th November 09 1
An old bit of pipe from the gold mining days...

9th November 09 9

9th November 09 8
The old post shop - I found my own gold here, two boxes of fabric!

David's aunt and uncle own a gorgeous, tiny little stone cabin which used to be a gold mining hut - I would have taken a photo of it, but they were there that weekend and I would have felt a bit strange :)

9th November 09 2
The smallest of bridges...

There are tonnes of gorgeous little houses about the town, its almost like being in a movie - tiny and perfect in every way.

9th November 09 4
Dinky old shops with their original paintwork, this shop apparently had hoisery, womens clothing, haberdashery etc...

9th November 09
A small view of Naseby...

And that is a small rundown of Naseby! I'll post my 'biking shots' on Wednesday...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Off for the Weekend...

Hello Hello,

I am off today for the weekend to lovely, sunny Central Otago and I can't wait! I haven't been away for a relaxing weekend for a really really long time.

6th November 09 1

This means that I will be without the internet (gasp!) and won't be able to reply to emails or comments until early next week. But I will be sure to get David to take photos, especially of me on my vintage bike. I haven't been able to get it out for a decent ride since I got it towards the end of August, and Naseby is the perfect place to take it on its maiden voyage (well, maiden voyage for me anyway!).

6th Nov 09 2

Also, lovely Casey has just put up my sponsor spotlight on her blog for my shop, Jennifer Lauren. So I thought this would be the perfect oppertunity to let you all know again, that I am more than happy to take on custom orders. I currently have two that I am working on and it doesn't cost any extra at all. I have loads and loads of fabric, so will more than likely have a colour or style you might like, and if I don't, then I'll be on the look out for it! I can do all sizes, from petite to plus, so if you are looking for something, don't hesitate to flick me an email or convo via Etsy.

Okay, enough tooting of my own horn :)

Have a lovely weekend, and I promise to get back to you all quick-smart on Monday,


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter Woolies...

Hi Everyone,

Just stopping by to let you all know that I have updated the shop with two new skirts - both made from upcycled wool fabric, just for those of you heading into the cooler months.

Teal Wool Circle Skirt2

Teal Wool Circle Skirt

Pink Wool Circle Skirt2

Pink Wool Circle Skirt

Its a glorious sunny Spring day here today, I might try and find things to do outdoors, I'm sure I can come up with something!!


Monday, November 2, 2009


Happy Belated Halloween...

How was yours? Ours was rather laid back besides carving pumpkins, which David actually did all by himself while I was sewing.

31st Oct 09 1

I didn't really dress up, but I put on my vintage orange mini dress for pumpkin photos, which David took (thanks Hun). We also discovered that Mocha likes to eat pumpkin - how very healthy of her :)

31st Oct 09 2

We didn't quite get around to making pumpkin pie, but hopefully will get on top of that tonight. And speaking of tonight - today is David's birthday, Happy Birthday Hun!!

31st Oct 09 4


ps) Look out for a shop update in the middle of this week - I have two winter woolly skirts to put in the shop for those of you entering the cooler months.