Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny Sunday...

29th March 09

Sunday was beautiful – it felt like summer all over again. It was sunny, warm and everything you would want your Sunday to be. I threw on this little vintage caped sweater that I had been wanting to wear for some time now, but it had just gotten far to cold for it!

Today it’s back to Autumn!


Ps) I won’t be around much this week as I have an event on which requires me to wear jeans and the organisations t-shirt so there ain’t much to see, sorry!! I’ll be back in full force next week.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jen Tries Camoflage - Can You See Me?

I’ve had this little orange mini dress for two years now – I bought it at a market day from a lady who said that this was her favourite dress back in the day and that she wanted me to take very good care of it. Well, that I certainly have as I’ve never worn it! I think the big block of bright colour scares me a little, and at the time I needed a lot of people assuring me that orange was a good colour on me (I’m still not sure!!).

27th March 09

Without the blazer (someone remind me to never wear these tights again, look at my knees!! Ew!)
27th March 09 3

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week – it’s been busy, and I won’t be around too much next week either as we have our next week long event happening.

The film festival we were publicising finished on Wednesday and David and I went out on Wednesday night with every intention of seeing one last film, but we got stuck eating Indian and talking about the future which was much nicer than seeing a movie any way.

I saw many many amazing and powerful films during the festival including The Reader with Kate Winslet, and if you are in NZ the festival is moving its way on up to Christchurch next, then Wellington and then Auckland – its called the World Cinema Showcase and is the baby sister to another festival we promote later on in the year which is the International Film Festival. I strongly advocate spending your money on seeing movies at film festivals rather than popular culture films, they have so much more meaning and depth to them and actually leave you thinking afterwards. Many of these films won’t make it into mainstream movie theatres either so I recommend seeing a few of them!

I had such an amazing response to my ‘Jeans and glasses’ post – I always thought wearing jeans was boring, and so while I wear jeans a lot (more than you think I do) I just never take photos of my out fits when I’m wearing them - but perhaps I’ll post the jeans outfits more often!!

Have a lovely weekend,



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's Wally?

If you are from America you may replace 'Wally' with 'Waldo' although that just dosn't sound right!!

Winter is certainly looming – I woke up today with a blanket of fog surrounding my house, thankfully it’s now cleared up, revealing a beautiful sunny day.

24th March 09

David and I watched the finale of Battlestar Galactica last night – if you’re a closet sci-fi geek like me and actually watched it, what did you think? We now have to find another series we both enjoy to watch – David doesn’t really like many of the shows I like :)

Work is still super busy, it hasn’t really stopped so I need to keep this post short - I’ll catch you later on in the week and thanks for all your sweet comments about my glasses too!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Jen Writes a Bad Script, Part 1...

Me: Um…. I have something to tell you…

You: Really? What?

Me: Um….

You: What?

Me: *Awkward Silence

You: What?? $#!!&*

Me: Okay, okay….*Deep Breath*…I wear glasses!

Pause for silence.

You: No you don’t.

Me: Yes I do!!

You: No you don’t!!

Me: Yes I DO!! See…

20th March 09

20th March 09 3



PS) I’m really much more blind that I think I am – I really should be wearing my glasses ALL the time and as I’m sitting here typing they are tucked safely away in my bag and I’m staring at a lovely blur that I can kind of make out. I wear them all the time at home to read, sew, watch T.V, see movies etc and I must wear them when I drive (says so on my license - well from what I can see of it, tehee). However, as soon as I’m in public I have this really weird thing about wearing them, if I’m walking around with them on I feel strange, for absolutely no reason. Everything is so much brighter with them on and sometimes it’s almost too bright for my poor little eyes.

I do have contacts but they are a pain to get in, in the first place and then they make my eyes all dry and sore – I can’t have them in for too long or I get sleepy, and they are expensive!! I have to get special ones because my eyes are shaped weirdly.

PPS) I’m not sure if there will be a “Jen Writes a Bad Script" Part 2 or Part 3.

PPPS) I should totally quit my day job and write scripts – don’t you think?

PPPPS) You guys are far too lovely for words - you inspire me so much every day and make me feel all warm and happy when I read your comments :)

PPPPPS) Okay, that’s just me pushing it!! I’m going now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh How Fickle…

18th March 09

Fashion is strange isn’t it? One minute something is in and the next its out (that sounded a little to much like Heidi Klum!!) and then in a few years time it’s all the rage again.

I’m not really one that follows the cat walk trends – I couldn’t really care less at the end of the day. I draw my inspiration from my fellow fashion bloggers and everyday people I see on the street (I love people watching, as creepy as that sounds!! The fashion show on Saturday was a great one for doing just that!!).

I’ve been a member of wardrobe_remix for a few months now and I love it - there are so many very well dressed people out there to draw inspiration from. I do post regularly to the group as well and sometimes my outfits are hits and other times total misses, which is completely fine with me. What I love about it is that it pushes me to try out different things – if I think back to a few years ago I was petrified to even try on a dress or wear a skirt!! Now I love them both as much as I love my trusty, comfortable jeans.

At the end of the day I hope I inspire at least one person as much as so many people inspire me.



Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Sneak Into A Fashion Show…

16th March 09

16th March 09 2

Actually I have no idea how you sneak into a fashion show! Here is what I tried though…

1) Contact the event organizer – I did actually do this. This is Dunedin so it is reasonable to know quite a few people here and I have had coffee with the organizer in the past. I sent her a lovely yet subtle email asking her about the show but she didn’t bite the bullet so I moved onto step two.

2) Know someone actually working at the show – this meant knowing the sound people, which I do. They do a lot of the sound for our big events and other big events around the place and we happened to get lucky scoring two crew passes. This did mean we had to sit on sound crates at the back of the sound desk, but the desk is raised and in the front row which meant we had an amazing view of the cat walk. If this doesn’t work try…

3) It’s very busy and crowded at a fashion show – I recommend dressing in black (seriously, I thought that was only in New York people!!), get there just before it starts (cues, cues, cues), look very busy and important and rush past flashing something that resembles a ticket. Find yourself a hidey hole near the back where people can’t see you, scour the area for spare seats and if there are any, take them during the interval for a breezy second half of the show.

If you ever do try number three, let me know! Now I’m going to stop encouraging you all :)

It seems that summer is still trying to show its little head at the moment – the whole week is supposed to be lovely and sunny! And after Casey made her beautiful dress, she inspired me to throw on my very similar one although I didn’t make mine – it’s vintage and also made from baby blue broiderie anglaise. I paired it with a very cool 70’s collard cardi that I got a while ago, it is very long and I do need to alter the length of it, but here I just rolled it up.

Roll on up Monday,


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just A Quick Post...

14th March 09

I’m very conscious of the fact that I’ve started to veer towards darker colours in lieu of Autumn arriving on my doorstep. I’m trying to add pops of colour but when its cold in the morning sometimes you just really don’t want to! However, I am going to make a conscious effort to try and add in as much colour as possible and that colour will come in the form of my new stash of coloured tights I mentioned in a post a while ago.

I’ve just recently bought these plum coloured tights – I’m not a fan of purple or fuchsia so thought a deep plum would go down a treat – what do you think? The skirt is a new vintage one I got just the other day and its now one of my favourites!! You can’t see it here, but it’s a black skirt with red plaid lines going through it and a sweet bow tie at the side.

This weekend is going to be spent sewing, going to movies at the film festival, getting through posts on my reader and tonight I get to sneak into a fashion show that has been sold out for a while now. I can’t dress how I would like to though because I’m being snuck in by the people doing the sound for the show (yay, love them!!) so I’m an honorary sound person, I do know how to set up a basic PA and I know what fold back speakers are but that is about the extent of my knowledge. Hopefully I won’t have to look too much like I know what I’m doing!!

Have a lovely weekend,



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its Getting Cold...

12th March 09

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement, and sorry for being so cagey about what happened at the start – let me just say that I really do dislike the media at the moment. They seem to be so one sided in their reporting and deliberately get things wrong to create a media storm and aren’t in the least bit interested about any of the positive things that happen, because that just doesn’t sell!

Onto a completely different topic, after our non-existent summer, Autumn has hit full force. It’s FREEZING!! Time for woolen skirts and tights and snuggling in scarves, gloves and boots, and while Autumn is my favourite season with its pretty red, orange and yellow leaves, I feel duped out of my summer. All I can think about are pretty summer dresses and long sunny days and it doesn’t help that some of my favourite bloggers are in the northern hemisphere and currently looking forward to Spring.

I mentioned in my last post that I bought some red lipstick just because I could on the weekend, and as strange as this sounds, I’m really not too sure whether red heads actually suit red lipstick. I do really love the look of it and those with dark hair just look stunning, however I think it’s much trickier for those of a fairer and redder disposition. I have a red skin tone and with out powder, red lipstick just brings out all the badness of being rosy! So what’s your opinion on my lipstick? And if you are a red head too, what colour lipstick do you suggest? I’d love to hear all your tips and tricks! (and I may have gone over board on the kissing pictures!!)



Tonight is the opening of the film festival, what to wear…


PS) Mocha wanted to play photo shoot too!

12th March 09 2

12th March 09 3

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Told You I'd Be Back...

10th March 09

10th March 09 detail

Phew! I’m back - a bit worse for wear perhaps, but back none the less.

My first event was successful in most respects – however there was one small little matter at the very start which tainted the whole rest of the two weeks. I’m sure many of you have either read about it or seen footage about it seeing as it made International headlines - yes, I did indeed say International headlines and not for a good reason!!

While I’m not going to go into it, it did seriously shake my confidence somewhat. And although the matter was completely out of my control and very unforeseen it still has had a massive effect on me. But because it happened at the very start there really wasn’t any time to wallow in self pity (how ever much I may have wanted to) and its just one of those things where you need to pick yourself up, shake yourself off and keep moving.

And after beating up my body up for the last two weeks with no sleep and eating when I could (and not really all that well) it is now having its revenge. I am sick sick sick! All stuffy, sore throat and achy – as it turns out I worked about 4 weeks in the space of two weeks. And although I’d love a bit of time off I can’t because we are straight into auditions this week for a show in May, a film festival which we help publicise starts Thursday and there is a week full of health to finish organising.

I’ve missed you all so much but haven’t yet had time to catch up with your goings on – I find it quite strange how much I missed blogging and wearing pretty things, you have no idea how happy I felt to throw on a dress on Saturday (my first day off for a while). It was sunny and warm and I bought red lip stick just because I could!! The dress above is one I had had my eye on for a while from Witchery but was too far out of my price range, then all of a sudden, a few months later I picked it up second hand for a fraction of the cost – and it’s 100% silk!!

Even though I’m still super busy at work, hopefully I can return to normal somewhat with life, blogging and general things now, I have a pile of sewing and altering that badly needs attending!