Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wishing you a White Christmas...

Or at least a sunny warm one if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dec 20th2, originally uploaded by PrettyLittlePictures.

December 20th1

This beautiful little dress was thrifted the other day, it reminds me of a 1940's tennis dress. It falls beautifully and fits like a dream (although the belt only just does up, damn those girls and their teeny tiny waists!!). Its made of a heavy cotton fabric but breathes nicely and so is perfect for those long lazy summer days and the skirt swishes just perfectly when you walk too.

Call me old fashioned but I've only just discovered how fantastic having google reader is! I can subscribe to all my favourite blogs and every time they post something new it automatically pops up in my reader, this means i don't have to check those blogs a couple of times a day to see if they have updates, its great!!! David has been using it for a while and every now and then he's explained it to me but I've never gotten round to setting up my own until now. One of the best things about google reader is that it can see what kind of blogs I've already subscribed to and therefore what i like reading and it can suggest other blogs along that wavelength that i might like to read. So if you haven't set up a reader of some description (there are millions out there, you don't have to use google) then i fully suggest you do!!

On Thursday our new neighbours from across the road came over to invite David and I to a few drinks tonight to meet everyone on the street, there are apparently a number of newbies to the area and so it will be nice to meet a few neighbours and not be the only new people there!!. I do however, have a habit of getting into my pj's when i get home and they happened to come over after i had changed - a bit embarrasment... but oh well, i can make a new impression tonight :)

We also went to see the christmas lights in Dunedin last night - they were spectacularly underwhelming :)

This will be my last post for a few days or maybe even for the year depending on what little unexpected things pop up (as they do this time of year). I leave tomorrow for my little holiday and so want to wish you all a very merry Christmas - thank you for all the support you've shown me and my little fledgling blog this year. Being relatively new to blogging I've been welcomed with open arms and have made many a 'virtual' friend because of it. And in case i don't get back in time for New Years then i hope it is spent with friends and family and brings new beginnings (because lets face it, we all need a new start once in a while!!).

I'll miss your blogs, but at least I'll come home to a wealth of posts from you all on my reader :)


PS) A big thank you to all those that stopped buy the oxfam website and bought a present that matters hugely to those who will receive it. And for those who are 'christmas present buying' challenged - go here...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Holidays...

I’ve almost given up on summer at this point – I’m praying for sunshine and heat over Christmas. I made this skirt a while ago but wasn’t happy with the length, it took me a few months to finally get round to shortening it and now it’s perfect. I dug out my woolen tights and merino top to turn it into one of those black and white ensembles; you can never go wrong with black and white!

18th Dec1, originally uploaded by PrettyLittlePictures.

18th dec3

Its time to fill you in on what I’m going to be doing over the holidays – yay! Last year David went up north with me to where my parents live and had Christmas with them so this year it’s my turn to have Christmas with David’s family. But before we do all that we are doing a mini central Otago road trip! We leave on Sunday and head round to Alex, Cromwell, Wanaka, Queenstown and Arrowtown – central Otago gets very very hot during summer so that’s what I’m expecting when I’m there. There are lots of vineyards, orchards and side of the road fruit sellers which I’m looking forward to and there’s also a lot of wild thyme that grows in Central that I plan on picking and turning into thyme syrup – yum!! Christmas Eve we get to Naseby where David’s dad has a house and we are spending a few days there before heading to Christchurch for two nights and then slowly making our way back down the coast to Dunedin. This makes up a grand total of 10days, so if you are in any of these places over that time then let me know and we could maybe have a quick catch up – or if you know of any good places to find some treasures, have a good cup of coffee or is a lovely place to explore then please let me know too, especially those in Christchurch. I’ve been told by a work mate to head over to Banks Peninsula when I’m in Christchurch, so any other good tips for places we should visit is much appreciated, I’ve only ever been to Christchurch city once when our flight was cancelled due to weather and numerous times to the airport.

So that’s my Christmas, what are you doing?

Remember, for those last minute Christmas presents, you really can’t go wrong with heading to the Oxfam site and getting something there. No body is going to look at you with a raised eye brow for doing some nice for others who need it more!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rainy and bleh...

Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday – I was sick, in fact I was sick most of the weekend and I blame the pastries (although it was entirely my fault!!).

16th Dec2, originally uploaded by PrettyLittlePictures.

16th Dec1

This is probably one of my favourite vintage tops even though I haven’t worn it much (the weather hasn’t allowed it!!) paired with my grey skirt again.

A while ago I was tagged by Green Eden Vintage to write 6 things you probably didn’t know about me so here goes:

1) I lived in Rabaul in Papua New Guniea when I was little. I was a few weeks old when we moved and I was there until I was 5 when my sister, my mum and myself moved back to New Zealand so I could start school here. My dad stayed over there until 1994 when Mt Tavurvur erupted – it blanketed the city in meter deep ash and there was complete devastation. My dad has endless photos of it and of our house - the front porch had completely collapsed along with me and my sisters bedroom to the side of the house.

2) I do this thing where I insert the name of my cat Mocha into important words in songs and sayings – for example, if I were to sing “we wish you a merry christmas” I would say “we wish you a Mocha Christmas and a Biddy new year” (biddy is my nick name for her). David promptly pointed out that this doesn’t actually make any sense, but then does me inserting her name into songs actually make any sense?

3) I got my nose pierced because I have one of those terrible ski jump noses that I’ve hated my whole life and decided that if I got it pierced it would at least have something pretty on it!! I also have my belly button pierced, two piercings in each ear, two tattoos and I plan on getting two more!

4) I’m a closet Sci Fi Geek - I LOVE Battle Star Galactica. It was David who got me onto it, for his birthday (or anniversary or something) he asked me for season 2 of battlestar on dvd – I rolled my eyes and got it for him. We then went away to Central Otago for a week and it was snowing and cold and we didn’t have much to do so he asked if we could watch it, I rolled my eyes again and reluctantly said okay. After a bit of explaining (it was season 2 after all) I was hooked – its now into its last season but America does this silly thing where they stop for a break in the middle of seasons – WHY??? And its not even filmed in America, its made in Canada!!! So I have had to wait for 6 months for the second half of the last season to screen and hopefully its out in the new year. I also really really liked Fire Fly before they cancelled it before the end of the first season. Boo…

5) I’ve never dyed my hair. My mum would kill me for starters and everyone always tells me what a lovely colour it is. I’ve thought about dyeing it just for a change but then I don’t think I’d suit any other colour, plus, we natural red heads have to stick up for each other because we are slowly being deported from the gene pool – in a few years natural red heads won’t exist because red is a the recessive gene :(

6) I love old houses – especially Victorian ones, the bigger and more ornate the better. I don’t know what it is but I am drawn to them - I love the history behind them, and I’m really lucky to live in Dunedin where there are masses of them.

If you haven’t done one of these then please do, let me know if you have so I can check them out :)

Oxfam lives here – please visit them for all your Christmassy needs…


Friday, December 12, 2008

The End of The Week...

Yay oh yay its Friday!! I have one more week of work and then its holiday time, although that last week of work is going to be frantic trying to sort out and cement the start of next year.

Dec 12th 2, originally uploaded by PrettyLittlePictures.

The outfit is a bit – blah, shall we say? I really wasn’t feeling it, but oh well. The grey skirt is the first one I designed and made so it’s close to my heart.

This morning David and I got up extremely early to go to ‘The Friday Shop’. That’s not really its name, but it has been dubbed that by the local residence because it only ever opens on a Friday. It sells yummy French pastries and is typically well and truly sold out by 9am (today though, probably well before). I really didn’t think we would actually get up, but lo and behold we did (I am actually really very motivated by food you know) and we got there at about 7.15am. There were already about three people there and by the time we had left there were another several people stuffing bags full chocolate croissants, almond croissants and tarts by the dozen.

I must say though, eating that much sugar at that time of the morning wasn’t quite what my body was expecting, and yes I am gluten free but I haven’t cheated in such a long time. I will probably end up feeling a bit on the sick side tonight but it was worth it, and I’m of the opinion that its one of those things you do once in a lifetime, like when I end up going to France for example, I’m not not going to eat their pastries just because I’m gluten free, how many times will I end up going to France for pastries? Probably not as many times as I would want to - so that’s my argument and I’m sticking with it!!

Hope you have a great weekend, mine will be spent doing last minute Christmas shopping, going to the farmers market and spending some time with one of my dearest friends who will be leaving me in a few short days…


Speaking of christmas shopping - Oxfam is waiting for your purchase, as are lots of needy third world families. So, go on, give them a good christmas!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Plaid Skirt...

It’s not all that warm today but the sun has just come out of hiding which makes it instantly better, I think this is all the sun we are going to see this week because it’s supposed to be raining until Monday next week. Boo.

This is a little plaid skirt I thrifted the other day – it’s a bit too big but I really wanted to wear it today for some reason, so I’ll have to take it in on the weekend.

Plaid Skirt1, originally uploaded by ThePaperDoll.

Plaid Skirt2

I also thrifted this little bedside table for all of $26. It’s so cute, I love it. My last bedside table had to be thrown out because at our last house the back of if went moldy – which is gross and not healthy, we are so lucky to be living in what is essentially a new house, fully insulated, beautiful gardens and views and for a heck of a lot cheaper.

Bedside Table

Now I just need to take some time to have a bit of a rant - recently someone added some of my flickr photos to their favourites, I went to check them out (as you should) and saw immediately that I didn’t want anything to do with this person – they had icky photos that I won’t go into. I then realised that I haven’t been doing this for all those that add comments or add my pics as favourites (but I always check a person out if they add me as a contact). So I trawled through some of the photos people had added to their favorites and was absolutely disgusted, I blocked about 8 people and for some of them flickr had to ask me if I really wanted to go onto their page because it was that bad (but to block a person you need to go into their profile).

I was really shocked at the amount of people that must go through places like wardrobe remix and add photos as favourites, especially when I have no idea why. No body posts explicit photos to those groups and if they did I’m sure they’d be kicked out immediately. I then had to add a little message to my flickr profile page letting people know that I was not interested in being added as a contact, favourite or having my pictures commented on if they had dubious photos. Things like this really put me off blogging and wardrobe remix, after I had blocked those 8 people I seriously had to think about whether I really wanted to keep posting pictures and even writing a blog. It really makes you realise that you need to be careful with the amount of information you disclose, there are creepy, yucky people out there.

Phew, now that’s off my chest, remember to go to the Oxfam website if you are stuck for Christmas presents. I got some presents from here last week and now most of my shopping is out of the way, which is unusual for me.

Have a great day,


Ps) I forgot to tag Andrea with the book tag in the post below :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Productive Weekend...

I think someone forgot to tell the weather that it was actually summer time now – officially as of the 1st of December it should have been fine and at least a little bit warmer than it is, but today is full of rain and coldness.

Dec 8th 2, originally uploaded by ThePaperDoll.

Dec 7th 1
Dec8th 4

The skirt is one I designed and made a few weeks back with thrifted fabric and it’s probably one of my favourites out of all the ones I’ve made.

I had a rather productive weekend – we planted lettuces, mint and rhubarb and I inspected my peas again and there is a third baby pod growing! I found some amazing fabric that was thrifted for all of $2.99 from save mart (of which I began yet another skirt, but never quite finished it and will hopefully do that this weekend). I also finished my book, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, it’s his new book that was just released and although it was aimed at the young adult genre it was a beautifully written book – as all his books are.


I have to credit David with getting me onto him, when we first started going out I asked David if I could borrow one of his books, he recommended Star Dust by Neil Gaiman and I was instantly hooked (the movie is a bit lame though, the book is beautiful and just a wee bit romantic ), I then read Neverwhere, American Gods and it just went from there. He initially started out writing comics and when I bought the Graveyard Book I was served by one of my friends who asked me if I had ever read any of his graphic novels, silly me replied that I wasn’t much into comics and I was then told off saying that ‘they weren’t comics, they were graphic novels – graphic novels are for adults!’, eep!

And a while ago I was tagged by Loz and Dinny to go to the closest book to you, not necessarily the book you have just read, or your favourite, but the closest. Turn to page 56 and copy out the 5th line, followed by the next 2 to 5 lines. So I turned to page 56 of The Graveyard book and you really wouldn’t believe this but its actually a picture, out of all of about 5 pictures in the whole book one happened to land on page 56! The pictures always precluded a new chapter and always tied in with something that was going to happen and had a line from the chapter down the bottom of it, the line down the bottom of this picture was: “above them in the sour red skies, things were circling on huge black wings”,

Dec8th 3

I also have been tagged with two other bloggy things (one from a long long time ago) so I’ll pass those on this week!

I’ll leave you with these, I think they are Peonies but I’m not really sure. I rescued them from my garden, the flowers were too heavy for the long stalks so they were lying on the ground getting dirty and being trampled on.

Dec8th 6


Ps) Stuck for christmas presents? Then go here...

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Secretary Dress...

Secretary Dress1, originally uploaded by ThePaperDoll.

Secretary Dress 4
Secretary dress 3
This is a cute little vintage dress I got just recently – its lovely, with bell bottomed sleeves and puffed shoulders (although I was thinking about getting rid of the puffs because I thought they may just be a bit much, but David really liked them and they don’t look that bad really). So I think I’ll leave it the way it is and see how I go!

It’s that annoying time of year when everything is due – new bond, insurance, vet bills, Christmas presents etc etc I always feel rather poor around this time!

I had to take Mocha to the vet this morning to get her vaccination and worm treatments and the poor little thing had to have her temperature taken, I can’t imagine having a thermometer up your bum can be all that pleasant really. But she’s all good and healthy and instead of constantly meowing at me the whole way back I think she was a bit high on worm treatments and vaccinations so she just meowed quietly every now and then to make sure I was still there.

In other news, I just got Christmas presents from this really cool website, Oxfam that I’ve been going on and on about. You should too – its great, there’s a gift for everyone and is most definitely affordable, ranging from gifts priced towards those feeling the end of year money crunch and those who can afford to fork out a bit more. Check it out

Have a great weekend everyone – I’m going to go to Dunedin’s premier Santa Parade tomorrow, probably not as big as the Macy’s parade in NY though :)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That 60's Girl

Gah, I’m so sorry people but all those lovely comments you left me on my last post I accidently deleted!! I was approving them all to publish and my computer did this weird jumpy thing and I all of a sudden I clicked reject and not publish – now I feel all sad because I didn’t get to properly read them all and I can’t remember who left a comment so I can’t go back to all your blogs to check them out. Boo…

60's 2, originally uploaded by ThePaperDoll.

60's 1

60's 3
Back of the Top detail...

I’m sorry, but on a brighter note these pants make me very very happy! I got them this week, they are 60’s avocado green high waisted pants and they are AWESOME! They fit like a dream and I feel incredibly from the 60’s in them. They could be a touch longer but other than that I love them.

They are a wide leg, flow really nicely and have the sweetest little belt around the waist. When I was designing my high waisted pants, I wanted them to flow much like these pants do and so now I have something to work from for my next pair.

Remember, if you’re stuck for Christmas presents go here to the Oxfam Website – it’s a pretty cool website and gifts start from as little as $5, and no one will complain or roll their eyes at you when they unwrap these little babies.

Just a quick post today,


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do I Look Like A Candy Cane?

Red Tights1, originally uploaded by ThePaperDoll.

Red Tights2

If I do, at least it’s in the very forthcoming Christmas spirit! I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas and that the end of another year has come. It really feels like only a few months ago David and I were driving around to see all the Christmas lights and now we will be doing it again!!

I guess this is the month where you wrap up all the ties left undone from this year and plan all those resolutions and put those blossoming ideas into action for next year. For me, next year is going to be challenging job wise – which is really what I need. I tend to get quite bored of things easily and no matter how much I love my job it really has gotten tedious for me. I’ve been involved with the organization since my second year of study where I was volunteering at their events, I then went on to be employed part time in my third year of study and then was employed full time as the assistant manager as soon as my third year ended. I’ve now been in that position for two years and have turned into the extreme eager beaver wanting it to be January 1st when I officially become the manager.

The place I work has been the most amazing first job anyone can have, they have let me grow and learn and take on challenges that most places would have waited years to give a novice. I didn’t study event management and nor did I ever think I’d be involved in it (in fact, I didn’t even really know it was a job!) but since accidently falling into it, it has opened up many doors.

I’ve nearly nearly paid off my student loan (super excited jumping in the air!!) and next year can be purely about saving for leaving. 2009 is the last year I plan on spending in Dunedin – its time to get out there and explore the world beyond little old NZ although it will always be home and I’ll always come back to it.

And remember, if you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas go here – give a gift some one else can use (and yes that is Oxfam’s little saying!!). We are all so blessed to have what we have and sharing the love around to those who really need it is really what the Christmas spirit is all about! And I’ve just bought my boss 3 ducks for her birthday :)



Monday, December 1, 2008

The New House...

That was quite the hiatus I took there wasn’t it? Moving house is hard work! We spent most of last weekend moving everything to our new house and then most days after work going to the old house to clean - this weekend was spent sort of trying to get the new house unpacked, sorted and trying to relax and enjoy it.

I do generally tend to regard myself as a rather strong person, I move a lot of furniture in my job (events is really about moving a lot of furniture!) but the move on the weekend was exhausting and it’s really quite amazing how much stuff two people and one cat can have! I have millions of clothes and David is the book monster, rightly so, seeing as he’s leaving his editors job after two years to go back and do his English Masters.

I went around the house and garden and took a few snaps for you all, mostly of the view and beautiful flowers in the garden.


Views from the Bedroom...


Pretty Trees...



Old Fashioned roses - there are masses of them in huge bushes...

Purple Flowers

Don't know what these are but they are right outside our front door - the bees love them as does Mocha.


Remember those free plants I got in October? Here are my peas, with pods!! Yay, not quite enough to feed an army but I'm so proud of them.



These are just one of the colour combinations of daisy's we have.

Mocha Tree

Mocha up a tree on her first day out...

There are tones more, I only took a few - huge rhododendron bushes, little maple trees in nooks, roses and daisy’s galore.


Here I’m wearing black and white – you can’t really go wrong with black and white can you? Skinnys are from Glassons, White polka dot blouse is thrifted and the waist coat I got in Australia this time last year.

Before I leave you all I wanted to draw your attention to this website - the Oxfam Website. As I was ‘reading’ the Listner (quote un-quote, I tend to more just browse the titles and look at the pictures) a little brochure fell out from Oxfam about all the presents you could buy people this year for Christmas, except these gifts come with a little twist. You are actually buying gifts for those that need them in third world countries, for example, you can buy 3 ducks for $15, those ducks go to families who need them and you get a little gift card to pass on to who ever you wanted to give the gift too. You can buy something for as little as $10 and go right up to $260 (that buys you a calf!!), there are coffee plants, books, toilets, education packages, animals – if a person in a poverty stricken country needs it, you can buy it! So for all those people you can’t figure out what to buy for them (dad’s anyone?) then swing buy the website and buy something someone else can use. I’m not sure if you can use the website if you’re not from NZ but you may as well try! Ooh, and if you’re getting married you can have your wedding registry with them too!

Every post up until Christmas is going to have the website attached to it so I hope you check it out!