Monday, September 29, 2008

The Mole...

Today I went to the doctor and they want to cut a mole out of my leg. They aren’t going to biopsy it, just cut it out, send it to the lab to be tested and then if it is cancerous they’ll get me back to cut out a larger chunk. So, that’s what you get for being a fair wee lass. Looks like major loads of sun block is going to be required for the summer months to come.

Mole comes off in three weeks…

This is my somewhat ‘Corporate’ look if you can call it that.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Bit Dorothy...

This is not what I wore today!! But it is however the beautiful 1950’s sundress I mentioned a few posts ago. It is in beautiful condition, except maybe for the zip which I’ll need to replace at some point.

I think if I had to choose an era to dress from it would most definitely be the 1940’s to 1950’s. I love round toed heels with t-bars, silk neck scarves and the single black lined eyes of the time. Its cute, feminine and chic and something which I think will always exude a little class.

However, I think I’m too much of a spaz when it comes to clothes, how I’m feeling and what I’m going to wear the next day to put myself completely in just one box. I do respect those that stick hard and fast to their look but I feel like I’d get bored easily and sometimes I just want to throw on a t-shirt and some jeans and blob about the place (hardly very 40’s-50’s chic). A lot of the time I can’t really be bothered/really don’t have the time in the morning (no matter how much I’d like to) to get on the full get up and I don’t want to look silly/theatrical in what I’m wearing either, it must be functional. So I like to think I’m modernizing the look somewhat by adding touches of those years to my everyday outfits whether it be the hair, make up or a finishing touch like a scarf or round toed heel.

ps) Click the pictures to make them bigger.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Owl and The Pussy Cat Bow...

This little vintage pussy cat bow top is one I’ve had for a little while now but has never seemed to make it out of my wardrobe. But once I put it on I realised that it really is quite a lovely little top and will probably feature a lot in the warmer months to come.

I don’t really have anything special to say today except that I can’t wait for this weekend to be over so that next weekend I can swan on up to Wellington to attend the last night of the Wearable Arts Awards. Looking forward to it - oh and I still haven’t been able to get my hands on some awards nights photos from this past weekend but I assure you they are out there and will be up as soon as I have them!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend...

And the weekend is finally over, we are half way through the craziness that is September and I’m feeling somewhat relieved. The awards dinners went really well as did the comedy debate and now its just onto the last few events for the year before we start planning next year (already!?! This year has just flown by!!).

This outfit is one I wore on Sunday – I needed to feel comfy after the last three busy nights in a row. I got up on Sunday and watched a hair tutorial video done by the lovely Casey that I had been meaning to watch and just hadn’t gotten round to doing. I just followed the first part of the video and left the bottom down. Its not perfect, but it was my second go at doing it and I think it looks okay (I dare not show you the back though!!!).

I guess I was mixing my outfit up a little with the 1940’s hairstyle and scarf and then putting on some 60’s styled flared pants - but it seemed to work.

There are pictures of me floating around from the dinners but I didn’t get a chance to take any personally myself. So, I’ll sift through those that I can find and if there aren’t any amazing ones I’ll post the ‘not so bad ones’ along with a recreation of the outfit.

We also had some bad luck yesterday with the wind and our bedroom window. Although is was beautifully sunny it was incredibly windy and we had our bedroom window open to let in some air. During a particularly big gust of wind, it slipped the hinges, slammed shut and broke the top panel of the window. We have temporarily repaired it with cardboard until the glaziers come and our house now looks like we operate illegal and dubious things out of it. But its okay, I had Frankie gracing myself with its presence...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jen Goes to Work...

This is me at work. The reason I wanted to show these to you is because my desk looks really really fun here! Well I guess if it looks fun it actually is fun, but I have to sit at it everyday and therefore don’t really appreciate its fun-ness.

You can’t actually see all the mess on it thank goodness. I am hiding a lot of mess and the bottom of the photo that is cut off is the bottom of my desk which has paper strewn all over it – it is a busy busy week though so I’m allowed!

Jen is engrossed in her work.

Jen hears giggling...

Jen realises photos are being taken of her..
And so she smiles.

The little soft toy dude is from one of the movies in the International Film Festival we had in July. As the publicity people they sent us a bunch of cj7 toys (which is a Japanese film about a poor boy and his father who find this little alien guy), he is cute and people do try to steal him off my desk - I think I may need to take him home. And the little red toy under my computer screen is the little soft toy blood drop I got given when I donated blood for the first time this year.

I‘m wearing one of my Threadless t-shirts, and this one glows – I didn’t realize that until a while after I got it though. So a fairly uninteresting outfit for a busy day (it was also extremely hot yesterday too!!).

So that’s my work desk – I look forward to posting fancy awards night dinner dresses soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Other Scarf...

This is the other scarf I bought at market day last week – it was beautiful, sunny and warm and I was wearing black and grey for some reason (but red shoes to match the red in the scarf!!). The cherry blossoms from a few weeks ago are now little red leaves and I finally got my other two dresses.

The 1950’s sundress is beautiful but the tartan dress is a little too big (actually it’s huge!!). What was advertised as a size 10 which I am, is actually a size 14, and therefore needs a lot of tailoring. Unfortunately you won’t be seeing it until the start of next week because I won’t have any time to dig out my sewing machine to do the altering until at least Sunday.

PS) Remember if you are in NZ and would fancy copying the lovely ladies in Oz by doing our very own High Tea message me and let me know!! Details are in the post below.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Challenge..

As I sit here munching on my Cherry Ripe (i can't believe they have finally brought those back!! Yum!!! I haven't eaten one in years and hopefully i can continue eating it as long as Sarah doesnt steal it while i'm not looking) I find myself still reading about bloggers getting together for High Tea - mainly in Oz.

I am jealous - so, I am setting myself a challenge. To all those lovely NZ ladies who blog, I'd love to get together with you for high tea (I feel like I'm asking you all on a date). I live in Dunedin - probably the least central place i could be and it doesn't help that the bloggers i am in touch with are all over NZ. But I have set this challenge and it will be met.

Leave me a comment if you are firstly interested in trying to get together to do something like this. If we have a few interested people then we can plan on from there, luckily spring is springing and holidays are around the corner. So if you forsee yourself somewhere around Dunedin-Christchurch area in the next few months lets see if we can sort something out!!

Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses...

This is one of three dresses I’ve recently bought off Trade Me – I’m a little unsure of it though, does the colour make me look a little washed out? (just as Skye always says when asking for an opinion – honesty is best!! I won’t take offence). I’m also waiting on a 1950’s blue sundress which I got for a steal and a cute little tartan 60’s mini dress. I was hoping they all would have arrived on Friday or at least this morning, but it seems I’m still waiting with bated breath.

The scarf I’m wearing was bought at market day last week – it’s a vintage silk scarf and I only paid $3 for it!! I also got another for the same price and I’ll show it off later in the week, I love them. I feel a little bit 1950’s glam wearing them :)

As for the make up – I tried extending the eyeliner out a bit and making the ends a bit thicker. How did I do? My eyes certainly look a lot bigger from far away and it seemed I could pull off a little pout without looking sulky (as I normally do when trying to pout!! I therefore try not to pout that often).

Sunday was a glorious day – warm and sunny and one of those days that makes you feel sleepy and relaxed. Time for a light sushi lunch on the bay and ice cream!! Now its full steam ahead into a busy two weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Did You Do Yesterday?

I had quite the full on day yesterday - i gave blood and saved three lives in the process, my morals can rest for a while now.  Its actually quite a cool process how they make you come back to give more - the first time I did it was at the start of the year and they gave me a pen, a soft toy blood drop and my very own card telling me what blood type i was.  Yesterday i got given my blood type on a key ring and there was a girl there giving blood for the fifth time and she had a mug - but the very coolest thing of all that they give you is if you donate on your birthday they give you a box of Roses chocolates!!!  Yum, I am so there on my birthday next year!!
And i know my outfit is completely boring (except for the red chucks) but yesterday called for comfort and i'd like to point out that the subtle bits of red match the fact that i donated blood - this was completely unintentional.

My blood donation was interspersed with interviews for my new people for next year and sorting out the student film festival that we put on that has its awards night and screenings at the end of the month (we lost our cute little cinema we were supposed to use for the screenings because the owner lost his building lease.  So there is mad and frantic scrabbling to get a new venue).  We also have market day today, a big gig tonight, a silent outdoor movie next wednesday night, the cultural awards night Thursday, a comedy debate friday, 100th sporting awards saturday and the week after is even crazier!! So i apologise in advance for lack of posts in the coming weeks, but i will get outfit shots - especially for the fancy awards nights.  I can't wait for September to be over!!

I also made these lovely little wheat free chocolate truffles to sell at market day to fund raise for my boss for next year so that she can actually go away for a year and I can take over.  They are yum and so ridiculously easy to make - i can post the recipe if anyone is interested!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Perfect Spring Day...

Due to our washing machine being a bit sick and the massive stack of washing that needed to be done on the weekend we drove out to David’s dads house to do a load (or three). It was a beautiful Spring day and I was dressed to go to an engagement party that night (wearing the infamous booties) and so we decided to take some pictures.

Due to it being spring the massive Rhododendron tree was in full bloom and the garden surrounding it was covered in a carpet of red petals. Underneath was the perfect little tree bench to sit on with beautiful dappled light.

And thanks to the lovely Casey I tried doing a light eyeline with a felt tipped eyeliner pen and the tiniest little flick at the end which I did rather like. I’m going to get braver and do a bigger flick when the time comes.

Friday, September 5, 2008

From Norma to Marilyn...

I love finding new blogs and bloggers – this past two weeks I’ve been finding them all over the place and as a result have gone into comment leaving overload (but is there really such a thing as comment overload? Because comments are always so nice to get!!).

Any way, I was inspired by a post from Diary of a Vintage Girl about Norma Jean and how much prettier and relaxed she was in those earlier photos before she transformed into Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn has always been my favourite old Holly Wood star, there was something about her that appealed to the little girl in me. My mum had a huge hard backed book of hundreds of photos in it starting from her initial photos as Norma Jean (and her first photo shoot) right through to candid photos taken the day before her death (Which always creeped me out when I was little - knowing that the day after these photos were taken she was going to be dead). So this little inspiration is for Norma and Marilyn…

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Shoes...

I got my booties – they actually fit and I couldn’t be happier!! I got a call on Tuesday saying that they had arrived in the shop, so I took a short break from work to walk over and try them on – the whole way pleading with who ever it is you plead with when you want something really badly that they fit.

And they did – perfectly. I walked back to work with a spring in my step and a smile for the rest of the day. As soon as I got there I put them on and swanned around the office showing off the cuteness of the shoes – because the cuteness should be shared around – they make my feet look tiny and make me incredibly tall!

I think these will feature in many an outfit to come – but I do have one small issue. Where I live we don’t necessarily wear heels all day everyday like many fashion bloggers I’ve seen. I love owning heels – they make me feel all grown up, but we normally just wear them for special occasions. As a result I had my booties on for half the day (a mostly sitting down day) and my feet were killing me at the end of it – I had to take them off and wear my flats home. Also my job calls for sensible shoes a lot of the time (setting up events means moving a lot of furniture) so my poor little feet just can’t seem to handle wearing heels all of the time – and most of my heels aren’t exactly what you would call sky high.

So I’ve decided that I a)need a job that calls for wearing heels, b)need to move to a city where its ‘normal’ to wear heels during the day and c)wear heels to work but have a pair of flat sensible shoes that I can change into when my feet decide to die. I need to prepare my feet over the next year for when I decide to move and get that job, whatever and wherever it may be.

Booties - Mi Piaci on sale
Skirt - Vintage re-designed
Waist Coat - Dotti
Merino Top - Just Jeans