Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Goodness...

Well, it’s been raining here for about three weeks straight and its going to get worse considering that the north island has practically drowned during this week due to a horrible front that is moving its way down the country as we speak.

I’m over wetness, dampness and coldness – I can’t even pretend its Spring with all the rain because that doesn’t come about until the end of September!

But to put a stop to all this gloominess is my favourite magazine Frankie!! I got the newest copy last week and its going to make my next two months until spring and the next Frankie come to town. Its really rather hard to get a copy of Frankie down here because only 1 shop sells it and it sells out fast – I’ve had to put my name on the ordering list so that they save me a copy when it comes in.

Frankie is really quite a lovely magazine – it’s a little bit vintage, a little bit edgy, a little bit cute, a little bit arty and a little bit grandma with a bunch of modern thrown in. Its one of those magazines that you have to make last, so you carefully flick through the magazine the first week and then read one or two articles at a time each week there after until the next issue comes out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Inspirations - Anita O'Day...

She was one of the Jazz singing greats, up there with Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. In her glory days before the alcohol addiction and during her heroin addiction (would you believe it) she was on top of the world, touring major cities and singing with the best Jazz musicians of the time. Glamorous and charming yet witty and defiant Anita O’Day is our little inspiration…

I really really love these black and white head shots that were popular during the war period - I would really like one of me done like this but I'd have to practice my poses and get the hair right etc. Maybe one of these days...

International Film Festival...

The film festival has officially opened in Dunedin and as a publicist I get to go to as many as I like - yippee!!

As promised here is my out fit in action for the Opening Night…

The movie they played was Be Kind Rewind, which I had already seen but it seemed funnier with a big audience. I went to see a more few on the weekend including one about Anita O’Day the jazz singer. She had amazing outfits and as a result is going to be featured as one of my ‘little inspirations’.

I’m going to see another on Tuesday with one of my favourite actresses – Rachel McAdams who I featured on my blog a little while ago. It is set in the 1940’s and called The Married Life, the basic plot of which Rachel is the mistress of a married man who wants to be with Rachel but doesn’t want to hurt his wife by divorcing her so instead tries to kill her. A little drama, intrigue and dark comedy – I think I’ll love it (along with the clothes).

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Classic Combination...

Black and white – you can never really go wrong. I’m having a bit of a thing for mini dresses at the moment, I seem to be seeing them everywhere (in anticipation of summer of course). I have a lovely bright orange vintage mini dress which I must confess I am a little intimidated of that I need to get out of my wardrobe. That’s for another post though and quite soon too I hope, it just needs a little adjusting to make it fit me properly.

(Click me and I get bigger)

This was my first photo shoot with an actual person taking my pictures – thanks David :) I ended up with a million photos, a lot of them had closed eyes, weird eyes and some bad angles on my part - mainly because I’m used to setting up my camera on self timer, at a particular angle and going from there. But we got some good ones and practice will make perfect, I will learn how to take good photos with someone else there!!

The photos were taken at David’s Dads house which has a beautiful garden – well, right now due to Winter I’m going to describe it as beautiful in a dark, Victorian creepy kind of way. There were two sad looking white roses remaining on their stems which I would have liked to have taken photos by but they just looked a little too sad.

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I posted for the first time on wardrobe remix last week and had an over whelming response, so I’d just like to thank those that took the time to view/comment on my pictures, it really does make your day!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Things on Etsy...

I have a thing for eyeing up pretty necklaces and then not actually wearing them - especially when all I’d rather be wearing right now is scarves. But I do have a few pretty little jewels that I will most certainly make the effort of wearing come the warmer months. I posted about one of my favourites a while ago that David got me for an anniversary last year and here is one I spied on Etsy at the start of the year.(Click me and I get bigger)

I love the colour and delicateness of it and of course the little leaves – reminding me of Spring just around the corner (kind of).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainy Days and Yellow Shoes…

Today is dark, cold and rainy and it makes me glad to be inside and toasty warm. The busy week/weekend has finished and it’s into the daily grind working up to my next busy week in August.

Yellow is fast becoming one of my favourite colours at the moment (probably because it makes me happy to see something bright and sunny on cold miserable days). I saw these cute yellow mary janes a while ago and thought they were super cute but a tad expensive and then all of a sudden last week they were on sale!! Of course I scooped them up and now they are all mine.

This is the outfit I’m going to wear to the opening of the International Film Festival next week that we are currently promoting – I’ll do ‘outfit in action’ shots next week.

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Ps) I think I may post this outfit on wardrobe remix – my first ever wardrobe remix, how exciting!!

Lazy Sunday...

Yesterday was a bit cold and overcast – a day for going out to lunch and eating nachos with a hot chocolate, yum!

Any way, about the outfit - I think I was born in jeans, I love them, although I did actually hate wearing them when I was little because when I had to put them on in the morning they were cold and were made out of that crappy hard, chaffy denim they used to make kids jeans out of. Now however I can’t get enough of them.

I recently got these cute jeans – I love the pockets and the flare at the bottom (I’ve been wearing straight legged jeans for a while now and flares are a nice change). I wore them with a black and white stripy top, a green scarf to add a pop of colour and my favourite pair of high top chucks that I’ve had for about 2 ½ years (time to replace them?).

You will need to click on the photos to make them bigger to actually see the details - sorry!

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I still haven’t been able to find a nice affordable pair of skinny jeans yet that actually suit me though. I’m on the look out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Letting things slip...

Coupled with winter and a very busy week this week I also let this 100% silk Chloe dress and this gorgeous vintage pinstripe dress slip out of my fingers – what is wrong with me? Posts and browsing Trade Me are officially suspended until the end of the week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Plaid Shirt...

Oh yes – the plaid shirt is in fashion and I now own one. I’m thinking about perhaps owning another very shortly too. I layered this one with a white hooded jersey for warmth against the elements and had to add a scarf because I froze my butt off getting these pictures – it had snowed lightly the night before…

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Pretty Vintage Roses...

The coldness and short days of winter I must admit are getting to me, the novelty of wearing lots of different cosy gloves and scarfs has worn off. I’m at that stage where its so dark and cold in the morning that I can’t function and I’m just throwing on jeans and a thermal - no creativity going on at all. There may be occasional bursts of inspiration here and there but I find myself becoming a little jealous of those in the northern hemisphere with their cute little dresses and long summer days.

As a result I’ve been spending time on trade me looking for cute little summer time dresses to pick me up. I missed out on this little number that sold for only $15!!!

I’ve decided I’m going to make one of my own once I find a similar fabric, the pretty vintage roses make me feel happy and like I should be wandering around in the old south during a late summer afternoon with a parasol (and that is so very far from where I am right now).

Monday, July 7, 2008

Red Chucks...

I finally, finally got my red high top Chucks and they were a mission to find let me tell you. I think I called about four stores before being told they had them in a new store opening up, so I went there after work on Friday only to be sent back to the original store who told me they didn’t have them. Apparently they are a rare find and really hard to get hold of (here I was thinking they were just everywhere). I’m now scared I’ll get robbed walking down the street by red converse stealing bandits – fingers crossed this won’t happen.

Any who, a few posts ago I wrote about an outfit that I was busting to try out once I had got hold of the elusive pair of shoes – and here it is…

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm wearing black...I know...

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I know, it's black. Well, I’m from Dunedin – according to the New Zealand Fashion Quarterly all we wear in Dunedin is Black!! I am changing my ways though by adding pops of colour to each of my outfits and lots of different little details. This time I was trying out the Red Lip and thought wearing black would help with the 'pop' factor.

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This is what I wore to the big fancy dinner we went to in Auckland, you can’t see it but the dress has a cute little sewn in belt around the waist – I wore it with my patterned woolen stockings and vintage black and white T-bar heels. I got these a few years ago and now I’m seeing new versions of them everywhere!!

I am still unsure of my ability to pull off a red lip – even though it’s all so vintage chic and very in at the moment.

I did do some shopping in Auckland but was slightly disappointed with what was available because it was all the same – maybe I didn’t go to the right parts.

I’ll have to do another marathon picture taking weekend, but my cousin is down from Auckland this weekend – maybe she can do my shots. I’m not at that stage where I’m comfortable posing for pictures that others are taking, David has offered but I feel kinda silly.