Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Year Older...

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! It was a good day filled with presents, phone calls and facebook messages – gotta love the internet.

V gave me these – super strong magnets in my favourite colour of the moment (my love for red has probably well exceeded a moment though).

I was also given my name in chocolate - my favourite food group (and started demolishing the N last night). And something I’m going to buy as a treat for myself are red chucks!! I’ve been wanting them for a while now but just haven’t gotten round to actually buying them. I’ll take some pics when I do – I have an outfit idea in my head that I’m busting to try out!!

Yesterday was cold and so I pulled out my favourite red wool gloves (I told you I had a thing for red). I also have a similar pair which are lacy and gray - the shop I got them from has since closed though and turned into a furniture shop instead. Boo.

I'm going to leave you with a little something I made yesterday - he's super cute and I almost think I love him. Kitty's are my favourite and so you can make one too - here are the instructions (courtesy of Origami Club).

Have fun...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life Through A Lens…

I recently saw the documentary ‘Life Through A Lens’ that covers photographer Annie Leibovitz from the start of her life up until the present - and I must say I felt truly inspired by her and her photography.

She started out pretty much how I see myself starting out (in an amateur kind of way, I don’t really do anything serious) – point and click and with some luck seem to get a nice photo. I’ve been told I take a nice photo and am therefore the ‘go too’ photographer at work that takes photos of all the events we put on. I did think about buying a nice camera after I saw the doco to replace my somewhat average cannon digital camera, but we have a really nice one at work that I can borrow when I want and my cannon will last a while yet and still does the job.

Annie was in the right place at the right time when she was employed by the newly invented Rolling Stone magazine and seemed to have a knack of being in the room with rock stars and celebrities without them knowing and getting real shots of them, not just posed photos.

She moved on from being lucky in her photos to actually trying to create a good photo (which I don’t really have the time or materials for at this stage) which she does amazingly well. They show some footage of her taking posed shots of the film Marie Antoinette – a film which I didn’t really like the content of but absolutely adored the costumes and set.

They turned out beautifully and this is my favourite.

Photo courtesy of

If you get a chance to see the documentary you should…

Monday, May 26, 2008


Autumn is my favourite season - it just so happens however that the pretty part of Autumn has nearly finished and Winter is most definetly on its way. Autumn to me has the prettiest and most vibrant colours of all the seasons, i love the deep reds, oranges and yellows.

I also love that its getting a bit colder - me and scarves have a bit of a thing going on. I have a million and I didn't actually realise how many i had until i hung them all up together yesterday. Scarves seem to add a little something to any outfit and can take something thats boring and give it life and colour. I seem to always add a scarf to my outfit these days especially because I find myself wearing a lot of black (which I'm working on).

Getting out of bed in the morning has its down side but the fresh crisp morning air just makes me just a little bit happy.

I found this picture on the internet somewhere a while ago and thought it was really sweet so i kept it and thought it might be a nice way to end this post.

It also happens to be my third year anniversary today and my boyfriend "surprised" me with breakfast consisting of pancakes, fresh fruit and all the different kinds of pancake toppings you could possibly think of.

Stay warm...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My First Post..

So, this is the third time I've started my first post, third time lucky right?  

I've been a long time reader of fashion/design/vintage blogs and every time read a new post by some of my favorite bloggers i get inspired to start my own.  The reason it's taken so long is because I couldn't come up with a name that I liked.  It wasn't until last night while i was sitting down watching Project Runway on tv, when an ad popped up that had a paper doll it it.  Zing - on goes the light bulb and there is my blog name. I did do a few quick google searches for the name just in case it was in danger of being over used, and it dosen't seem so at this point.  

I love fashion.  That dosen't necessarily mean I think I'm fashionable but I love looking at what other people are wearing/creating.  I've just started on a small vintage fashion bypass - that is i don't have much of my own, but I'm looking and learning from other people and hope my journey into second hand vintage clothes inspires some.  

I also love sewing.  I love creating something completely new, taking a piece that dosen't quite fit and making it perfect.  I love baking, photography and anything arty/crafty.  And thats going to be my blog!!

I do confess though that i get bored quite easily (i put that down to being a Gemini, we all get bored easily and leave lots of things unfinished - sorry people who i owe things to, bf included!!).  I will attempt to post regularly but please don't get annoyed at me if i don't.

I hope I inspire at least one person with my blog like so many other blogs have inspired me...