Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Wanderings...

David and I don't have a car here yet and are not planning on buying one anytime soon (we both have bikes and enjoy the long walks exploring on foot. Though, I will be excited to take a drive out of the city when the mood strikes when we do get around to buying a car!).

21st August 2010 4

21st August 2010 8

This means we spend a lot of our time wandering around on foot - on Saturday, we packed a thermous of hot tea and a half devoured bag of my favourite chips (the other half went missing the night before along with cheese, wine and olives - its a mystery to us all...)
and explored Callan park much more than last time round, though we still didn't get to the Mansion part yet.

21st August 2010 10

21st August 2010 9

Its such a lovely spooky sort of place. The last thing the park was used for was a mental health hospital - the buildings from that time (around the 90's I believe) are still in reasonable condition, filled with matresses in front of broken and boarded up windows. But the buildings I love the most are from the time Callan Park was privately owned.

Callan Park 10

21st August 2010 7

Callan Park 9

21st August 2010 6

Callan Park 8

Callan Park 7

Callan Park 6

21st August 2010 3

Callan Park 4

Callan Park 2

Callan Park 1

21st August 2010 2

21st August 2010

Callan Park 3

On Sunday, we just stayed at home, relaxed in the sun in our courtyard, played with the cats and I even got a little sun burnt on my shoulders (though not before piling on the sunscreen!!).

In other news - our worms are settled in their new little home, we had our first organic fruit and vege delivery (this weekend its off to the farmers market down the road to compare prices) and we sent our wedding invitations off. Eek - two and a half months before the big day, my how time has just flown by...

Kiss 1

Kiss 2


PS) I've recently had a few people asking me various questions about general bits and pieces (which I haven't answered yet). I thought I might do a post sometime soon answering any other questions you have for me all at the same time. What do you think? Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section and when it's big enough, I'll dedicate a whole post to them :)

PPS) David cut my hair for the second time - I'm telling you, if academics don't work out, its Beauty School for that boy!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slippery Eels and Slithery Worms...

On Saturday night, David and I headed off to see the Eels at Enmore Theatre in Newtown.

19th August 2010 4

While I can't say much for the support acts (a woman with puppets,
and a lone songstress with a very broken heart singing stunning lines like - 'I'm like a puppy dog on my knees'. Now wait just one second people, puppy dogs don't even have knees...)

But then the real band we actually came to see started and they were awesome!! People were having little dancing fits all over the place!

19th August 2010 2

19th August 2010 3

This weekend we have nothing much in particular planned which is just the way I like weekends to be personally.

Sleeping in, going for long walks and hopefully settling our worms into their little farm. We've had the worm farm since we moved here, but sorely lacked the worms to make it function...

XX Jen

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Hijinks....

Sorry for this post going up a bit late - this is what I wore to have High Tea with David, Individual Chic and her husband. (Please excuse the wrinkles in my dress, that's what happens when you sit down).

8th August 2010 3

8th August 2010 2

8th August 2010

After that, we all popped off to see a panel discussion with Neil Gaiman, Shaun Tan and Eddie Campbell. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but the lighting in there wasn't all that great :)

Click images for a larger view.
L-R: MC, Shaun Tan, Neil Gaiman, Eddie Campbell

That was last weekend, this weekend David and I walked for two and a half hours in the Spring heat (and hot it certainly was) and then headed off to see the Eels - photos of what I wore to come.

Today, Sunday, we are relaxing with the cats and enjoying the last little bits of the weekend. I have a few episodes of Mad Men to enjoy, some True Blood and the latest Poirot - Murder on the Orient Express.

I hope you are all having relaxing weekends.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Saturday Night Date with Neil (& David of course)...

Saturday night was amazing - Neil Gaiman at the Opera House (and our very first venture into the bowels of that famous Australian icon).

August 7 2010 Night 6

August 7 2010 Night 3

I managed to get some amazing seats for David and I - we were in full view of Neil, the screen on which Eddie Campbell's illustrations for the story were projected and the four person string quartet (aptly named
FourPlay). Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos as that was strictly forbidden, but I did get some of the panel the next day.

Before the Neil even came on we were treated to an unexpected event - Kevin Smith was announcing the winner of an animation competition, and shortly after that, on came the man himself, to great applause.

August 7 2010 Night 5

August 7 2010 Night 4

He read a 70 minute short story called 'The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains' (it has since been released in a compilation of stories called Stories, co-edited by Gaiman). After that, Eddie Campbell asked Gaiman a few questions, and then we were given another treat - a reading of an actually unreleased poem (I say actually unreleased because its really not released, its not in a book, a news paper or on the inter-webs).

August 7 2010 Night 2

August 7 2010 Night

One of the things that struck me most about Gaiman, is that he is not just a good story teller in the written sense, but he is also an amazing story teller in the spoken sense. Nothing was over exaggerated, he kept the listeners interested, in suspense, right to the very end.

He didn't go so fast as not to understand him, he wasn't so slow as to put the audience to sleep. Whether this is inherent in natural story tellers, who knows (I did once read an article on him talking about the first time he read a story out loud to an audience), but it was a lovely thing to listen too.

Tickets 3
Neil Gaiman tickets!!

Tickets 5
They are nommy...

Tickets 4
Nom nom nom...

Tickets 6 Neil Gaiman tickets, not yours...

If you are a fan of his work, and ever have the chance to see him, I would highly recommend it!!



Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello hello....

How were your weekends?

Mine was O for awesome, thanks for asking :)

August 7 2010 8

I saw Neil Gaiman twice at the Opera House - first on Saturday night where he read a story with a string quartet and images by Eddie Campbell, and then again on Sunday where he had a panel discussion with Shaun Tan and Eddie Campbell (there was also a high tea thrown in with Individual Chic and her husband).

I'll tell more about each with photos of what I wore, but during Saturday-day, I wore this. I didn't realise how bright it was until I saw the photos :)

August 7 2010 9

August 7 2010 6

I decided to blow dry my hair (and have done for the past few days actually) because its so much easier to dry it out straight than to leave it curly - curly hair is so much more work! Especially if you want your curls to turn out nicely (and even then, it doesn't always work! As I'm sure those with curly hair will agree). I often have to leave the house with damp-icky looking hair in the morning because you can't completely dry your hair if you want your curls to set nicely.
August 7 2010 4

August 7 2010 3

August 7 2010 2

7 August 2010

I'm quite sure that I am back to somewhat regular posting now, and I am replying to emails (sorry for the wait!), and catching up on comments, and will be organising catch ups with lovely Sydney bloggers again :)

I will also be planning the re-opening of my shop! It will be somewhat different to what I used to do in terms of having readily available stock, but I hope that you all like it anyway.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Buzzy Bee...

Where did the time go?

I'm just popping into say "hello" and "sorry for being MIA but work has been incredibly busy and still is...". These photos are from two weekends ago.

4th August 2010 2

4th August 2010 3

4th August 2010 6

4th August 2010 9
Don't know what I'm doing here - but I am quite possibly trying to be awesome...

4th August 2010 10
I guess it didn't work..

4th August 2010 11

July is over, and I'm proud to say that I went nearly the entire month without buying any clothing. I fell off the wagon on the 30th of July when I decided I would like to browse, because surely there wouldn't be anything I would want until August anyway. Wrong. Two dresses and one pair of shoes later and it was August, and I could shop freely again, and shop I did. No more shopping until my next pay round now as I totally over did it! Such is life.

I also only managed to sew two items in July but started on my third last weekend - I hope to finish it this weekend and show you next week. Also, my sewing with vintage patterns series has stalled too. This week hopefully!!

Also, wanna see what I really look like? Okay then...



PS) Check out my sewing area - I did a little interview with Tilly that is now up on her blog, complete with photos :)