Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Vintage...

David and I braved the cold cold wind (and nearly got blown away) on Saturday to attend the Sydney Love Vintage fair. Not only did I meet with the super lovely Candice DeVille (who gave me some killer hair and make up tips) but I finally found my perfect wedding band.

16th October 2010Align Center

It's a 1920's, 18 carat white gold band with 5 diamonds and cost less than the price for what you would have paid for a 50's cotton dress there. No kidding.

I. Love. It.

I am already wearing it (in fact, I put it straight on as soon as we paid for it) and will not take it off until the night before we say 'I Do', and then it's staying on there forever and ever. It also fit perfectly, matched my engagement ring perfectly, and the lovely little old lady gave us $8 off. It was also in the first booth we browsed and the third ring I tried on.

It was meant to be I think.

Candice teaching me the art of putting on a false lash.
She warned me that these are addictive, and I believe her!

16th October 2010 5

16th October 2010 4

16th October 2010 6

16th October 2010 2
You can see a tiny peek of my wedding band here.

After my meeting with Candice, I am now in the process of building up my hair arsenal and hope to start wearing vintage hair on a daily basis soon and I am getting excited about doing my own wedding hair :) Now all I need is for my hair to grow!!

On a different note, sorry for being a bit patchy with my blog posting lately. The wedding is now less than 5 weeks away and a few other things have been occupying my spare time lately. If things work out, I'll let you know why soon.



  1. Oh I love both your outfits!!!

    I've been very bad and haven't yet emailed you about Sydney, but with your wedding coming up it's probably better if we try to meet-up after that, agree?? :P

    I have yet to master fase lashes, my sister is a guru at them!!

  2. Good Luck with the lashes. I need all the help I can get with them. I am hopeless at it.

  3. Oh! I thought you were getting married next year, so no WONDER you're busy!

    Ok.. YAY x 1000000 for the ring! Even more YAY for the lashes... I wear them for special events ALL the time (I cut mine up though, so not to be too over the top... my eyes are cute and little and don't want to be too obvious!)

    and YAYAYAY that your wedding is so soon! Congrats again, best wishes! xoxo

  4. Congratulations, glad you found something so perfect!! Both you guys' outfits are lovely!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. You both look lovely. I hope we can see a close up of your wedding band soon!

  6. my goodness that ring sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see it :)

  7. Looks like a fun event! Exciting that you found a vintage wedding band - all the best with preparations :)

  8. Oh Candace is fabulous! I would LOVE to meet her!

    And your wedding band sounds amazing and obviously meant to be!

  9. I can't believe it's only five weeks until your wedding!! How completely exciting :-)

    I'm so glad you found your perfect ring, and I love that you're wearing it already :-)

    Can't wait to hear the potentially exciting news!


  10. Yay!! glad the fair was a success - still bummed I missed it all.

    You are going to have to pass on your new found knowledge of fake lashes! I always end up in a sticky mess.

    Hope you're well xx

  11. Oh you look too cute.
    And OMG I not surprised you're so busy, with your wedding just in weeks.
    All the best.

  12. You are going to make such a stunning bride, Jen. I can't wait to see you in all your finery. :) Your makeup artist is just about as adorable as you are - I love her dress AND yours!

  13. Oh wow! I love your dress. And your matching cardie, shoes & bag are sooo cute ... xoxo


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