Monday, September 20, 2010

A Summer Garden...

Last weekend David and I started planting our summer garden.

11th September 2010 2

Garden 1

We are mighty excited at the prospect of growing our own tomatoes - of which we bought two, a basil and some potted colour for the other end of the planter we picked up when we first arrived (it has cat grass living in the other end, of which both the cats LOVE). I tried having a tomato plant in Dunedin last year, but it was too cold without a glass house and the morning we left Dunedin, we ate the three piddly little tomatoes that were semi ripe and left 2 still unripened on the vine at David's dads house.

Garden 2

11th September 2010 6

11th September 2010 7

Garden 4

This weekend we added to our garden some lettuce, celery and herb seedlings, two more tomato plants and a lemon tree. I also wanted to buy a kumquat tree just because it was awesome, a pomegranate tree for the same reason, and a feijoa tree because YUM! But alas, being renters and having only a small courtyard means getting only what is useful and what can be grown in pots - photos to come soon.

11th September 2010 5

Garden 3
David is mowing the lawn, it takes a really long time as I'm sure you can see...

11th September 2010 3

11th September 2010

Garden 5
Monty's favourite spot, especially when it's sunny, which is is most of the time.

Monty also got his first wasp sting, the poor little guy. It took us a while to find the sting in his paw (and he was NOT happy with us trying to find it) but we got it out, with just a little yelp from Monty before he was on his way like nothing had ever happened.

Garden 6



  1. I love your oufit, you look so nice!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. What a lovely little dress and a lovely little patch of earth! I cannot wait to have a garden someday. I hope you fully enjoy the vegetables of your labors!

  3. You look gorgeous - as always - but I really want to just snuggle the cat! He's so cute!

  4. aww, yay gardening! good luck :)

  5. That is a great idea. Having a garden at home is very interesting to do. I used to do that too.

  6. Jen, cute outfit.. the colors are so fresh. great cat pics too, our cat is black and white too- the bestest color for cats :)


  7. Dear wee Monty! He's like a fluffier version of my Boris.
    Ah,that Sydney climate-you'll be able to gow all the ymmies you want!

  8. You look so pretty! This is such a cute outfit. Looks like Monty's found a pretty sweet spot for himself!

  9. That is the most adorable outfit EVER! And the little red purse..perfect! Fantastic! And I'm staring at your photo in the blue dress with the wide white belt thinking you even have the perfect pursed lips for red lipstick. Fantastic. I will definitely be coming back!

  10. What a lovely coutyard! I think I will have to take Monty's example and spend some time basking in the garden this summer.

  11. hey, Jen!
    i love when you visit my blog!
    your plants are growing so weel! they're beautiful!
    and the cat is so cute!!!



  12. Your cats are so cute, I'm such a cat person. I wish i had some too!
    (crazy cat lady...)

  13. What a perfect gardening outfit! You must be a much neater gardener than I am - I can barely wear all white to the library much less the garden! But you look so lovely.

    And the things you are planting sound marvelous! Homegrown tomatoes are so delicious.

  14. aww your cat is so cute! Love your outfit you look great xx

    Don't forget to enter my T2 giveaway @

  15. Monty looks like a sweety in his spot amongst the plants. Pretty outfit, love the length of the skirt.


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