Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Wanderings...

David and I don't have a car here yet and are not planning on buying one anytime soon (we both have bikes and enjoy the long walks exploring on foot. Though, I will be excited to take a drive out of the city when the mood strikes when we do get around to buying a car!).

21st August 2010 4

21st August 2010 8

This means we spend a lot of our time wandering around on foot - on Saturday, we packed a thermous of hot tea and a half devoured bag of my favourite chips (the other half went missing the night before along with cheese, wine and olives - its a mystery to us all...)
and explored Callan park much more than last time round, though we still didn't get to the Mansion part yet.

21st August 2010 10

21st August 2010 9

Its such a lovely spooky sort of place. The last thing the park was used for was a mental health hospital - the buildings from that time (around the 90's I believe) are still in reasonable condition, filled with matresses in front of broken and boarded up windows. But the buildings I love the most are from the time Callan Park was privately owned.

Callan Park 10

21st August 2010 7

Callan Park 9

21st August 2010 6

Callan Park 8

Callan Park 7

Callan Park 6

21st August 2010 3

Callan Park 4

Callan Park 2

Callan Park 1

21st August 2010 2

21st August 2010

Callan Park 3

On Sunday, we just stayed at home, relaxed in the sun in our courtyard, played with the cats and I even got a little sun burnt on my shoulders (though not before piling on the sunscreen!!).

In other news - our worms are settled in their new little home, we had our first organic fruit and vege delivery (this weekend its off to the farmers market down the road to compare prices) and we sent our wedding invitations off. Eek - two and a half months before the big day, my how time has just flown by...

Kiss 1

Kiss 2


PS) I've recently had a few people asking me various questions about general bits and pieces (which I haven't answered yet). I thought I might do a post sometime soon answering any other questions you have for me all at the same time. What do you think? Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section and when it's big enough, I'll dedicate a whole post to them :)

PPS) David cut my hair for the second time - I'm telling you, if academics don't work out, its Beauty School for that boy!!


  1. Such beautiful pictures!! Especially the one with the yellow flowers in front, very neat! And your hair looks great! :)

  2. The hair cut is amazing!! Go David!! My hair dresser is pregnant with twins, so I am on the hunt for a new hairdresser ;)

    I love these pics of Callan park. I have really only ever been there to go to the art school. I should plan some exploratory wanders myself!

  3. I noticed your hair cut - looks great! He's very good!

  4. I really enjoyed this set a lot. all the photos are great and the dress is so nice!!

  5. I love all the dresses that you wear! you look perfect all the time.

  6. I love that dress! (and you know how I feel about callan park :) )

  7. callan park sounds like a gem of a place :)

    and oh wow your boy can really cut hair! you're lucky!

  8. you're so adorable. these pictures are wonderful. i want to explore that park! It looks so fantastic and interesting!

  9. Just to let you know I love your blog so I'm passing on this Happy 101 award.

    The rules of the tag are:
    1. Post who gave you this award
    2. State 10 things you like
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  10. These pictures are beautiful!

    First, I love your dress and the white cardigan is the perfect finishing touch.

    And this location is just gorgeous. I love exploring things like this but don't have anything near me. I'm living vicariously through you right now. :)

  11. I love the colour of your dress. Very cute pictures.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  12. These are such beautiful pictures!

  13. awww so pretty. I love the sea foam green!

  14. What a lovely colour that is, the dress looks great on you. I also really like your hair! :--)

  15. these pictures are great, i love this dress, what beautiful colour :)

  16. That dress is so beautiful! You look like you've stepped straight out of the fifties ;) I love your haircut, you have such a perfect face for shorter hair! I'm terrified of chopping mine off! xxx

  17. I noticed last week that the sun is so much stronger already, and that's down here in Melbs! Lovely pics, and I love those old buildings :) I like pootling about in old abandoned buildings, but the risk factor makes me a scaredy cat these days :)


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