Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slippery Eels and Slithery Worms...

On Saturday night, David and I headed off to see the Eels at Enmore Theatre in Newtown.

19th August 2010 4

While I can't say much for the support acts (a woman with puppets,
and a lone songstress with a very broken heart singing stunning lines like - 'I'm like a puppy dog on my knees'. Now wait just one second people, puppy dogs don't even have knees...)

But then the real band we actually came to see started and they were awesome!! People were having little dancing fits all over the place!

19th August 2010 2

19th August 2010 3

This weekend we have nothing much in particular planned which is just the way I like weekends to be personally.

Sleeping in, going for long walks and hopefully settling our worms into their little farm. We've had the worm farm since we moved here, but sorely lacked the worms to make it function...

XX Jen


  1. Love the dress and have fun with the worms - they're about the most low maintenance "pets" you can get. I've had a bunch for about a year and a half now.

  2. Hey, I saw the Eels on Friday night! We missed the support act but I heard bad reviews of it as well. I got my funk on afterwards - they were really fun.

  3. Really Lovely dress :)
    I don't really know what a worm farm is?! is it for recycling? compost?

  4. Eels!!! Excellent taste. ;) You looked great!

  5. OH NO!! I almost bought that dress and I went back later in the day and it was gone!!!!!!! haha. At least I know where it went to. . .so I'll let it slide :: sigh :: just kidding. It looks gorgeous on you and was made for you in the end ;)

    if you ever tire of it, remember me...;)

  6. Adorable dress! "Puppy dog on my knees"? What a cornball!

  7. I love the Enmore Theatre.I've seen New Order and The Jesus and Mary Chain there.Great venue.Newtown is generally a fab suburb.
    Pretty frock!

  8. I mentioned you on my blog

  9. I love that dress it's so cute :D


  10. That is the sweetest dress ever!

  11. I have been following your blog for several months but I have never posted anything before. I love looking at the beautiful ensembles that you put together! You are an inspiration to me! I especially appreciate your recent posts about sewing with vintage patterns. There are several things that I have always wondered and hoped you would address-

    1. Where do you manage to find all these beautiful dresses?

    2. How do you store the dresses? Is storage an issue?

    Thanks for adding a bit of beauty to my day!

  12. I like my weekends unplanned too :) sleeping is the best, and long walks are relaxing! great blog

  13. Hello Jen,

    I just discovered your blog and am lovin' it! :) I absolutely L-O-V-E your style in clothes! If you don't mind my asking, I was wondering where you got your shoes from in this post... I have been trying to find shoes like that for quite some time without much success.

    Thank you!

    Mary Rose~


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