Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Sewing Challenge - Wrap Blouse

Wow, this post was supposed to go up on Monday!! Computer problems, and all that, and now my week of planned posts are all out of whack. I guess last Saturday photos will go up this Saturday :)

Any way, I know that I am very terribly behind on my July Sewing Challenge - but here is the next piece I've made. You'll notice it is not a dress...

Item 2 6

Item 2 5

I have been wanting a pattern for a basic wrap blouse for the longest time! I could never find the right one, nor could I even find an actual wrap blouse that I liked, until I finally found this pattern lurking on ebay.

It is a beautiful yet simple design, that came together very easily with some lovely detailing - pin tucks on the shoulders, kimono sleeves and gathers at the waist ties - ah, perfect.

Item 2 4

Item 2 2

Item 2

The pattern says that it is meant to be 'loose and comfortable' and it was also a 32inch bust (three inches out of my range). I divvied up the three extra inches I would need and added them to the sides, back and front of the blouse - however, next time I don't think I'll add in any extra, as 'loose and comfortable' equaled much to big! That's the funny thing about vintage patterns I guess - they are either far too small, or far too big!

I only just had enough of this beautiful vintage cotton-blend fabric (the story of my life) and I'm not really too sure what the fabric content actually is. It definitely has some cotton in it but it is also lovely, silky and cool to the touch.

My naughty little Mocha biddy decided to nibble the edges of the pattern (for some reason, she goes through phases of ripping up paper! Weird.). Thank fully only one tiny little piece of the pattern inside was munched. Naughty kitty!!

Also, just after I started making this pattern, a lovely article popped up on Collette Patterns about the use of kimono sleeves in vintage patterns and garments - I think you should go and check it out.

I foresee many more of these lovely little pieces entering my wardrobe in the coming months...


Ps) David and I are loving the entertainment scene here in Sydney! There is SO much to do.

We went to see Bill Bailey at the State Theatre on Monday night. The theatre is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and Bill, well, he was rather funny if I do say so myself. A lovely way to spend a cold Monday night.

And August is jam packed full of shows - the Eels, Neil Gaiman (twice!!!) and today I was sent an email offering me tickets to see Joss Whedon!! They were discounted and aren't for public sale until tomorrow! Yay, I love shows :)

But I am very sad about not knowing that Stephen Fry was in town until it was too late and all the tickets were gone - le sigh, can't see them all I guess...


  1. Sorry to hear you've been having computer troubles--my sympathies!

    I'm not sure what I adore more about this blouse: the fabric or the bow! ;) lol. I love how pretty and comfortable it looks--I can see it working with a variety of things!

    I've found the same thing with vintage patterns myself; sometimes I end up making a 32" bust up, or grade it up to a 34" (which is closer to my real measurements), depending on the ease. Some patterns just have way too much of it! Lately I tend to measure the pattern pieces across certain key points (bust, waist, hip), subtract the seam allowances, and add up the final circumference. I recently measured a 34" bust pattern only to find the finished measurement was nearly 40"! (Way bigger than I like to wear my tops--especially if they're supposed to be fitted!) Yikes!

    Anyway, enough rambling! ;) Beautiful sewing project--can't wait to see what you craft up next!!! :)

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  2. omygosh that blouse is gorgeous! I love how it ties at the back into sweet little bows!

  3. Hey Jen
    This is such a cute little blouse. I've been looking at making myself a couple of wrap blouses after seeing the gorgeous ones Heyday have for sale!
    I didnt know that either Bill Bailey or Stephen Fry were in town :O( I missed out there!

  4. Oh this is so pretty! Love the sleeves, and the bow, and the fabric.

  5. Augh, this wrap top is just about everything I would ever want in such a garment. It's beautiful!

  6. I actually love this pattern. On the pattern itself the two colors! wow! I would love to have something like it. I will be on the lookout for this pattern!


  7. That pattern is fabulous! The red, white, and blue ensemble is pretty cool.

  8. oh, it's very cute! i love the little shoulder dart things! you should post a picture of it in outfit status!


  9. Oooh, it's utterly gorgeous!! I love the polka dot print and the details are amazing.

    Now I need to find that pattern, too!

  10. I don't even know where to start on that blouse... The polka dots! The color! The bow! Too cute.

    And Sydney's entertainment scene sounds incredible! I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman; I've been to two of his signings, and he's always so brilliant and humble.

  11. That sure is a lovely blouse!
    -Andi x

  12. such a cute blouse, makes me wish i could sew!

  13. I love this top so much! Its gorgeous xx

  14. The top you made is really really cute, especially in that polka dot fabric. Great job on it!

  15. Beautiful blouse, love the cut and the fabric you chose for it!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  16. Loving this blouse! It's so romantic, especially with that bow in the back. I wish I could sew something like that!

  17. Psst - you won my stationery giveaway! Can you email me at so I can post it off to you?

  18. Hi! I just clicked through from Tilly's blog after reading about your stash and thought I'd leave a comment. I LOVE this blouse, its gorgeous. The pleats on the shoulders are such a lovely detail.

  19. This is a lovely blouse! I love the fabric and the shape. Plus it has a pretty bow (you're really goog at tying bows)!
    You're making me want to look for a kimono sleeves wrap blouse pattern. ^^;

  20. This is fabulous! I love this type of wrap tops.

  21. I just adore this! Off to look through my cache of vintage patterns hoping to find something similar!


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