Monday, May 10, 2010

Stare Bear...

Hello readers,

One of the things that has surprised me most about Sydney is that its not as full of interesting looking people as I thought it would be (but don't get me wrong, I have certainly seen some very interesting people around!). Because its such a big city, I expected to see lots of people dressed all nice and differently, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

8th May 2010 4

8th May 2010 5

8th May detail

As I was told when applying for jobs here, Sydney is VERY corporate (and incidentally was also told that if I wanted to get a job, I should take my nose ring out for this very reason. Suffice to say, I got an awesome job in a semi corporate environment, and my nose ring has stayed put, thank you very much. The last time I checked, having a nose ring did not effect my loyalty or ability to work hard!).
And it is so very true, Sydney = corporate.

As I walk to work each morning in my bright red coat, I stand out like a sore thumb, quite literally - I am the angry sore thumb swearing, jumping up and down and just generally disturbing the peace in the sleepy sea of black, white and gray fingers.

8th May 2010 2

I waltzed about town on Saturday not only in my bright red coat, but also in my newly acquired bright yellow vintage wool skirt. And while it has taken me a little while to get used to the side long glances and the just plain staring, I have come to realise that as long as I'm happy in what I am wearing, who cares what other people might think.

I'm also quite sure that most of the time, they are interested stares, rather than disapproving ones anyway.

Well, I hope so...

8th May 2010

Also on Saturday, on our way home from the city, David and I discovered a secret reserve close to our house that we had no idea existed. I spotted a cute little white picket fence with a path that meandered off somewhere and it didn't look like it belonged to any of the houses on either side of it, so off we went to inspect.

8th May 2010 3

Turns out, its a little reserve for the public - hidden behind and between residential properties and you'd never know it was there.



  1. Good on you for standing out in red! I just found the link to your new post on twitter - I'm now following there as well :)

  2. Its a glorious skirt!I'm sure they were stares of envy!

  3. I do agree that Sydney isn't quite the fashion haven, but as a local who generally dresses quite differently from the crowd (in bright colours and very un-corporate), I've never noticed any disapproving stares. Perhaps that's just because I got even worse looks (and, sometimes, even comments) during my adolescence in my outer suburban hometown.

    So I feel rather comfortable and "accepted" traversing these Sydney streets. Mostly, though, I just think that the corporate strangers would have more important things to care about than what crazy outfit I've got on!

    Have you visited the Newtown and Darlinghurst areas yet? They're probably a lot more alternative-style-friendly than the CBD.

    P.S. Love your skirt! Wish I could off yellow as well as that.


  4. I am mostly over my vintage-wearing phase, but as you recall there were times when I dressed quite outrageously. I would get heaps of compliments on market days, especially in Glebe/Newtown/Rozelle areas, but stares would ensue in the CBD.

    Sydney is quite differentiated depending on where you're at so I wouldn't think too much of it. I love that red coat on you and that mustard skirt is divine.

  5. I'm sure they are envious stares becuase of your amazing coat!

  6. That is an utterly fantastic skirt!

  7. I love the red coat with the yellow skirt (goregeous skirt!) Your bag is lovely too :-)

    Nice you found yourself a private hideaway and didn't have to de-ring for the corporate world ;-)

  8. Love your skirt and coat, i really want a yellow skirt :) have a great week xx

  9. I haaaaate conformity. It pisses me off. There is nothing worse than looking around and everyone looks the same. I'd much rather someone looks terrible than the same.

    My friend from uni took out her nose ring because she doesn't think it looks "professional" enough. pfffttt!! I don't even think anyone cares about that sort of stuff anymore!

    I'm glad you're happy to be different. You look fabulous :)

  10. so cute! I love that skirt.

    And aren't those hidden gem places the best! I love stumbling upon something no one else seems to know about.

  11. What a fantastic little park! A little secret garden. And keep being the sore thumb. Maybe you'll inspire some new trends in business wear. Who says color has no place in the work environment? So glad you found a place where you don't have to compromise your style, or your nose ring.

  12. Such a pretty, happy outfit! I too would of thought people would dress funky there.

  13. What a cute little place! Perfect for picture taking :)

    Love your whole outfit, such color! I love to see people who aren't afraid of color, hehe.

    It's so funny how you describe Sydney, I have pictured it the same way you did, full of cool people, dressed in interesting fashions. Maybe you will inspire them!


  14. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

    -Dr. Suess

    love the skirt and coat!

  15. OH my, your red coat is gorgeous! The skirt is cute, those colours really brighten the day.

    P.S. People who would stare at you disapprovingly must be crazy!

  16. Meh, they're just staring because they're jealous! You look amazing! I love the colors.

  17. you look fantastic! I'm so bewildered that people judge on appearances still, were almost 2011 and its still going on!

  18. Big cities aren't all they're cracked up to be! I love your red coat, and your yellow skirt too! And that little reserve looks adorable, what a wonderful find :)

  19. Don't worry Jen - you'll get used to the curious looks - I certainly have! They're not disapproving, more just surprised at the colour and difference in dress styles. The CBD is pretty corporate conformist during the days, but much more fun clothes-wise of a weekend. And if you really want to see inspiring (and plain weird), a trip to Newtown would do the trick!

  20. Don't worry about the stares, I get them too and sometimes I think they're envious that we have the guts to wear what we like, lol. I agree with E.Driscoll's comment. you'll never feel too over the top in newtown! :)

    and yes, we should meet up soon for coffee (or lindt chocolate?)

  21. Oh, you look like Snow White in that outfit! So perfect! Everyone was just stunned at your picturesque look.

  22. That's an adorable find! I'd love to find a secret quiet place like that :) Your sense of style is great and I'm sure you'll influence many to dress up at work too!

  23. great pictures!
    i love your skirt!



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